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Head Work

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List of mods...

Twin Plate Clutch

Bosch fuel pump

Apexi power intake



13 psi

Engine is pretty much stock.... what to do while the top is already off :P

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Heavier valve springs, solid buckets, bigger cam in just the head. though those mods can cost a fortune. what kinda money are you wanted to spend will determine what mods you can do.

forgies and stuff to start things off, I suppose.

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What kind of performance increase \ how much harder will i be able to push the engine with those mods (minus the forged pistons).

Dont want to spend any more than 5k

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5k for the bottom end also?

Won't get you much at all. Especially if your paying some one labour to remove/install.

5k for the head reco and cleanup will get you quite a bit. :D


Depending on goals; I would have the head tidied up and reco'd (~1-1.5k); while your there throw a set of heavier springs at it (~$300) and block off the front oil restrictor while installing a 1.5mm in the rear (as per SK's recommendation).

Cams can come later if you don't have the $$ as they are an easy job to install.

Then its pretty well set for 20+ psi; all thats needed is a decent bottom end to hold the power.

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I see little point unless you are building a bottom end as the bottom end is going to let go and be on the limit before the top end.

In which case that puts you way over the 5k budget right there being a rebuild your looking at anywhere from 4-8k depending on what you want, whos doing the work, parts used etc etc.

So you wont have any spare change for the head.

There are plenty of threads on what it costs to make "XXX" power.

280rwkw isnt cheap, if you lunch a motor then your in strife.

Whats your overall budget? If you only have 5k i would look at your aims and peg them back to a more reliable and cost effective 240-250rwkw.

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