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Car Wont Idle At All

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My car simply will not idle. Runs fine apart from that, on start up in the cold it goes right up to about 1500 then dies. The fuel pump simply turns off unless you keep stabbing the accelerator. All it does is fades off then dies. On ignition the pump primes fine, and when drving is sweet.

Also when the engine is still hot and i turn it off and on, or say come back 5 mins later the pump will keep pumping and idle for about 20 seconds.

What controls the signals to the fuel pump??

any ideas people


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I have fixed the problem.

There is a speed control unit in the boot next to the ariel behind the trims. This controls the whether or not the pump is at full tilt or on low mode just for idleing, something like that. It was simply unplugged, plugged it back in and she runs like a dream.

thanks to thread 'Imediately starts then stalls R33' by treo


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