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How Much Protection Does An Immobiliser Give?


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Very curious... :stupid:

How much protection does a "3 point immobiliser" give?

What factors influence how "good" an security system is?

I regularly see Viper, Cobra, Mongoose (and other animals) alarms advertised... Surely with them being so readily available, theives can work out how to bypass them pretty easily (i.e. look at instalation guide)... Is this the case?

Would appreciate comments installers/ those with technical knowledge of these systems.



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the more points the better, what it means that it cuts the signal at three different places that are vital top starting the car. I consider a 2way paging alarm essential these days as it tells you when your alarm goes off. Also the more you pay generally the more sensors you get. Another thing is things like code hopping which means its a million times harder for theives to use radio frequency devices to open your car. Black wiring is something that insurance companys like and generally is a good idea but in saying that if you get your alarm install by someone good then you shouldnt be able to find any wires without having to take half the car apart. I hope that i have given you an insight into whats importatant in an alarm.

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yeah three points is very good :thumbsup: classed as a 5-star i think(top of the line)

although i think 4point alarms are coming out

3 point is generally: fuelpump, ignition and starter

Although, bear in mind, most people won't bother screwing with an alarm, they'll just put it on a tow truck, its happened to a few of my friends cars and no one took down the number plate of the tow truck, because it looked like a simple parking violation

as for looking at the installation guide - the wires are black on most 3 point alarms, so i doubt they'd be able to bypass them that fast :thumbsup: it'd take them at least a few minutes or more to do it, probably rip out the membrane and bridge the wires, they'd need a wiring diagram for the car too in that case though and most thieves are after just a quick snatch and grab - :thumbsup: i hate thieves!!!

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Realistically, if a professional theive wants your car he'll take it, but the basic 3 point immobiliser will work as well as the person who fitted it.

The theive will automatically go for under the dash, if all the wires are exposed and he can easilly find the unit then your in a bit of trouble, thats when experienced fitters will make everything look standard and hidden to make it harder.

You will also want a backup battery siren thats nicely hidden so they don't just jam a cordless drill through it and shut it up (which i've seen happen before)

But a normal immobiliser/ alarm unit will deter the odd f**kwit that tries to break into your car.

Never tell people or have a sticker on your car showing what the unit is.

Hope this helps... good luck :thumbsup:

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