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This is kindof a rant but just wanna see what the rest of yas think....

well i was driving to work today, and I came up behind a silver 32, it had a GTR bodykit, and a GTR badge. I was like "oh yeah wiked" so I pulled up next to it, and happen to come across that it had NISSAN written on its brembos.......OH.

Yeah it was a fake, it pissed me off.

What does everyone else think of GTS/GTSTS/GTT with GTR badges? The GTR bodykits are cool, but to me, when they put a GTR badge on....that just pisses me off.

As I said, im not dissing people that do that, I dunno why but it just doesnt sit comfortably with me.

What does everyone else rekon?

p.s im bored at work. lol

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    • This goes over my head haha. Can you change the ceramic turbine to a steel one for better reliability?
    • Ah right, I do remember hearing a while back about that balancing thing that you just mentioned. I assumed I could rebuild it and then just get the shop to balance it (until i realised there's no rebuild kit). My turbo is fine but I am running higher boost I believe so just incase the time comes the reason I'd rather rebuild it, is to save at least $1,000 on tuning it, especially as I'm not trying to make huge power.
    • See my last post in this thread. Mixing and matching 26 cranks and rods and Neos causing wrinkles that you need to stay on top of.  
    • Boost rag. Blocked cat. Shitty lifters. Cam timing wrong. CAS in the wrong spot somehow. Cursed by a wandering gypsie, built on a pet cemetary, etc.
    • There is no "rebuild" of the standard core, with its ceramic turbine. Any "rebuild" is actually a "recore". The original Hitachi BB core is actually quite large (ie long). The distance between the comp housing and the turbine housing is large. I got an OP6 highflow from Tao. The BB core he uses is tiny by comparison. The turbine housing sits in the same spot (it has to, because it is bolted to the exhaust manifold, and so that and the dump are all in the same place. But the comp housing moves backwards in the engine bay because of the shorter centre section, and so you need to mod your inlet pipe (by any of a number of different methods) and the water and oil hoses need some changes too.
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