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Price Drop! [nsw] Silver 1999 S2 Rs4 Stagea

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* Tiptronic with steering wheel controls

* 63 XXX kms

* Twin Sunroof

* Dayz aero front bar

* Turbotech Boost controller

* Tyres - Bridgestone Playz 205/55/R16 with 80% tread

* Xanavi Touch Screen TV Head Unit - with aux input for ipod / mp3 players!!!

* CD / MD Player

* 1st Owner in Oz.

* Long Rego

* Plus all the usual (& some not-so-usual) Stagea goodies - automatic head light function, self closing rear door, UV tinted rear windows, airbags, climate control, central locking, power windows, keyless entry ...etc


pm, email: [email protected] or call on 0404 497 662










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Don’t know much about the 'Prime Edition'. Cant seam to find any obvious signs or badges that state that it is so assume not, any idea what i should be looking for?

No leather, but cloth trim is in very good condition.

Yes, was looking for a good few months before purchasing her, was specifically after a S2 with these specs, hope someone here is too!


Used to own a S1 r33gtst, still turn my head whenever i pass one on the street!

Thanks for the offer, but not really wanting to go back to one at this stage.

Mr GTS4,

Cloth trim is in very good condition. Will post engine bay and interior pic in the next day or so.

Thanks for the reply guys!

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I remember reading in the stagea section something like Prime editions have options like Xenon lights, and super-fine-hard-coat paint (think you look for the SFHC badge on the inside of the rear window glass). Not that it matters greatly; I'm pretty sure just about everything from the "prime" package was able to be optioned. Ed if you read this please correct me if I'm wrong :)If you only had gone the leather option... Everything else sounds like my dream stag', but personally I'm after leather. Good luck with it though!

PS Could I ask, what was your reason for selling such a fine beast?

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Sorry i havnt got back to you guys sooner, was best man at a wedding over the weekend... either busy preparing or recovering!

offered the stag as the wedding car but i was politely declined... :)


The stagea has a SFHC badge under the rear window wiper and originally had xenon lights but as Mr_RS4 has suggested, i think the xenons have been removed during compliance. :( So it could well be a 'Prime edition' or a well optioned stag!

As for why I'm selling 'the beast', looking for something a bit LESS practical,.... no wife, no kids, just girlfriend and a small dog to transport around!

Mr GTS4,

Original post updated with engine bay and interior pics.

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