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Fs - 165lt Aquarium With Stand And Extras - $350


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I am selling my Aquaone aquarium as I no longer have time to maintain the tank.

It is 165lts, model number is AR850. Silver in colour with a beech coloured stand to suit.

Pretty much a complete setup. Just add water, salt and live stock.

Included is a jager 200W heater, syphon, Prime water conditioner, API stress conditioner, magnetic glass cleaner, filter bio balls, hydrometer, Aquaone 1200lt/h powerhead and water test kit (pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and nitrate).

The tank has been used as a salt water aquarium for about 8 months. The tank itself is 165lts and has 3 lights. 2 x 25W and 1 x 20W. The stand seen in the pic is included and has no scratches on it anywhere.

I am not separating any of the items.

Price is $350, no offers.


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