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  1. New / Unused MOTEC PDM 30 Power Distribution Module + USB containing install manual / harness break outs etc and 2 stickers ! Surplus to requirement. Worldwide tracked shipping available and included in purchase price. Item location is UK. 1 only. AUS $ 3000.00 GBP £ 1600.00
  2. Nismo R35 GT3 Brembo Racing Caliper 2 sets front calipers, new and unused Suit high performance modification to any GTR Skyline with limited modifications for adaptors etc. Perfect application for 'Time Attack' build Item location is UK, worldwide shipping available and as part of purchase cost. Price for 1 x pair ( LHF + RHF ) GPB£3250 - AUS$5850 Happy to discuss further with technical support, information and pictures +447552494484
  3. Block is sold. Mods, if you read this, i've reported the thread - can you please close it on my behalf. Thanks
  4. Bump. Price dropped to 10k firm. Will ship anywhere, paypal okay if you're happy to cover the fees. I've put this up on the facebook group too. It only seems to attract those people willing to throw their 2 cents in about the billet blocks and it get a bit boring reading their shit. If no luck locally I will advertise it overseas, probably a bit sooner than later too while the USD is good for an American buyer.
  5. I thought it would be the case so thanks for confirming.
  6. R33 GTR Active Diff - Swap for non active? Hey guys, I am looking at buying a near complete r33 s3 gtr rear subframe. It has an active diff installed (factory item I assume). Can the active diff be removed and a non active diff installed without changing anything else? A straight swap so to speak. I am wanting to transfer all the items (diff, drive shafts, hubs, handbrake assembly) to an S14 subframe - but just unsure if there are any other difference like driveshafts lengths. Thanks!
  7. I am over their fees and having to give my personal information to them to accept payments of this sum. Not that interested in shipping overseas anymore either.
  8. WTB - R33 GTR Complete rear subframe I am after a complete R33 GTR rear subframe with all the suspension components, diff, drive shafts brakes ect ect. After a non active LSD type (I think S3 had these?) Located on the Gold Coast, happy to pay delivery if you're happy to put on a pallet and send my way. Thanks
  9. WTB - R32 GTR V-Spec Brake Master Hey guys, Bit of a long shot but someone might have one sitting around... I am after a brake master cylinder from a R32 GTR, it's specially off the v-spec model as it's a non ABS BM50 sized cylinder. If you have one please let me know. Thanks
  10. Yep, the billet blocks - good on em. While the RRR block has all the research and development that Nismo have over their years of competition motorsports.
  11. Still firm, it'll go up soon - because the N1's have gone up. Get in quick before the price rise.
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