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ok, seem ppl are putting up pics of there stereo install....so mite as well do the same!!! :yes:

CAR: HR31 GTS coupe

CURRENT GEAR: 1 new cheap pioneer head unit with 2 front 6' single's....clear but certainly not doof...

FUTURE GEAR: see pics!!

OTHER: standard interior, very clean, ditto with boot. almost stock RB20det...tidy car, clean all over..nothing much more than standard..



twin 12" subs will have a custom enclosure to go in boot along with some LED's etc...just to spice up the usually boring boot area!!

more pics as the install happens!..check back now.. y'hear!! :blink:

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looking forward to this, my first car, which i still have as a run around was a R31 pintara, i managed 4 12's in that, amazing the amount of people that dont bother to go for good sound in there skylines ! its a MUST !

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  • 2 weeks later...

ok, BIG stuff happening. spent the weekend stripping the interior and fitting the gear.boot has been redone with grey fabric and rear parcel shelf re-done in black fabric to contrast with the grey/silver, and also with MDF cut to fit (with cut-outs for the rear wiper). head unit in and now centered (standard was off to the left (?), plus doors done...pics to follow when image shack works!!

edit: stuff it...went to photobucket instead! HA!.

Remember...this is a limited money project...i could use vinyl, or something more bling worthy...plus lots of LED's etc...but this is to show what ANY one can do on a tight budget. (well kinda tight). AND this is stage 1..just get it in and working.........later down the track the boot will be upgraded to something more show worthy!!

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old speakers.................................................................rear shelf


left one is "adjusted", right is original.. .................... empty back seat thru to boot..


of course the first thing i did!!..................................... left is new, right is old.



and i'll lose my spare tyre too.. oh well!!

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old stereo...


new speaker on left..old one on right.........................new splits


doors done..........................stereo in


rear shelf in with new speakers..!!


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looks good mate. just a word of caution tho, with yoru sub boxes there, make sure they are secured very tightly to the floor and kept off the rear quarter skin. as a fellow 31 owner, i have seen, and been the victim of objects being pushed against the panel from the inside and pushing dents out when going round corners. its a nasty result.

otherwise, good work! i'm currently working on my own boot setup. where did you get your carpet?? i just bought 60 bucks of auto carpet but they only had a dark grey colour - would have preferred light grey....but oh well.

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haha..yes sub box's not secured yet.so i know what you mean...bangbangbash etc... will be done when mate can get car in!.....and there will be a fill panel from the subs to the rear of seat so as to cover up the wheel well, make it all look like a continuous panel.

oh the grey carpet ?? my mate works for Straithfield audio and this is what they have in there install section...nice of him to use it for moi! eh!

AND i also got a 2farad cap in aswell...but didnt take a pic yet..also got LED's and some strobe lights coming soon (HK) so when it's all in i'll get some more pics and maybe even a vid (youtube) of it all working!!

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