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Cusco Rs 2-way Lsd

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Got a package from japan today, an new lsd :D

Have never changed something like this before so i need some pointers from someone that have done this before.

Do i need to "shims" it to get the right pressure on the bearings ? Is there any "howto" on this job ?

The manual came in japaneese, so i dont know what kind of oil that is recomended, anyone here know ?

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If you haven't done this i would seriously recommend giving it to a diff expert. In my opinion it is harder then doing clearances on an engine. The shims will never be right once you change bearings, and shims are special order from Nissan. Once you do a heap you get a feel for where you need to go to get correct bearing pre load and correct mating between crown and pinion but takes multiple disassembles of the diff to get it right, even for a pro.

If you want to do it, you need a good bearing puller, press, bearing blue, torque wrench and a few punches and hammers. Also a bearing pre load gauge.

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I and the truck mechanic installed the cusco today, there was no trouble what so ever!

I used the shimming in the original lsd on the cusco unit, fitted prefect.

After changing lsd i broke it in. Running in 8`s for 1 hour, clutch in when im turned in and cltuch out on straights.

Changed the diffoil after breaking it in, and have driven 150km after that..there is no clunking or scraping. The diff is really tight and predictable - i just love it! Its an new car!

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