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Single Tb On Rb26, What To Replace The Standard Six With?

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Hi im putting a single tb on my 26 plenum and want to no what people use to replace the six tbs

Ive heard of a spacer that u can get but cant seen to find any. Have also heard of people gutting the six tbs and welding up all relevent holes.

All help, ideas or info would be greatly appreciated. (and no i dont want to retain the std. arrangement)

Cheers, Donny.

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LOL I love it how people always question other peoples decisions...for f**k sake its not your car just answer the question!!

If its for drag racing, then I would assume you have a kinda serious engine? Whats wrong with a bolt-on greddy or even hypertune etc etc? Would flow alot better for a big HP number.

No stuffing around that way.

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just asking a question next time ill ask your permission hey he could have been heading in the wrong direction obviously not if he was i would have tried to help you know the whole point of the forum thing....

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