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Want More Power Out Of My Stagea


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hey hows it goin

As the title says i just want to know what i should do to get more power out of my pretty much stock rb25neo engine, still running stock boost and the only mods i have done is put a 3in exhaust on it.

pretty much what i want to know is:

How much boost can i run through the stock ecu,

what chips/mods can i put in to to make it safer to run higher boost

should i get a fmic before jacking up the boost

what power should i start doin serious engine work

all in all i just want to get 210-220kw and just need to know what to do to get it and with minimum risk to my engine

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Josh

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nistune(ecu) and about 12psi on the stock turbo and you will be around 200rwkw +/- 10kw

you can get to the power level you want (or close enough) with the stock SMIC but fitting a FMIC at this stage will give you a little more capability possibly with a slight loss of response. if you are going to a larger turbo then the it is a pretty simple equation to go a larger IC.

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better watch how much you boost it up, and how hard you drive it, or you will be picking out bits of ceramic wheel out of your intercooler.

10psi is a safe bet. i've just got a turbo back 3inch, pod filter, and its running 140.2kw.

high flowing next or going for a HKS GT3037 Pro S Turbo

ECU will need to be done, fuel pump, injectors might struggle. coilparks also.

and with the power, of course you will use it, so being an RB engine, catch/breather can will be good also :down:

thats what i've learnt on the forums anyway, might be corrected. :bunny:

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My old Stag had 200.9 kw at the wheels with the following mods;

Split Dump/Front Pipe, CATCO High Flow Cat, Blitz NUR Spec Cat Back(3"), Front Mount Intercooler, K&N Panel Filter, Apexi Power FC (with "Secret Squirrel Tweak"), Walbro Fuel Pump, Cushion Button Clutch, GFB Stealth FX BOV, Radiator Air Guide With Air Scoop, running 10-12 psi.

you can check out the link in my signature for more details.


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