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R31 Gts2 Help.


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I have just purchased a gts2 r31, and while its a fantastic car and is in awesome condition i'm just wondering if its down on power at all.

A good friend of mine who is a r31 nut reckons its down about 15-20% of its power, i was a little surprised when he said that but then again i've never driven an r31 before or a rb30 so i have no comparison, but how well are the gts2's meant to go?

The car had been sitting in a garage for 2-3 years and only driven like 2000kms in those 3 years so i knew i'd have to replace items like plugs, fuel filters etc. It doesnt blow any white or blue smoke and the oil isn't milky or anything so i'd say that the head gasket and rings are ok.

When i first drive her home it drove fine, just cruising on the freeway but then it wouldnt start again after i'd switched her of, so i assumed a cas sensor. I checked for codes but nothing for the cas sensor so i started looking elsewhere.

I checked the plugs and found that they were absolutely rooted, covered in black soot. Replaced them only to have them foul up within 10mins of idleing. Kept looking.

Next step was for me to change o2 sensor, fuel filter, water temp sensor and check timing. Timing was fully advanced for some reason, so I put it back to 20deg btdc. Plugs are now clean and it does go a little better but as my mate said it feels like something is restricting it, it has power but it just doesn't feel like 140kw.

Check the air filtler and thats new and so is the airflow meter as the previous owner had replaced it, the injectors have also been cleaned apparently.

I'm going to check the cam timing this weekend and check comps but other then that i don't no what else to check untill i can get her on the dyno. I'm assuming that standard these pull around 115-120 atw?

The only thing i can think of is maybe someone has advanced the cam by one tooth as i know that people would advance the inlet with 4ag's to gain some more power but i doubt that would work on a sohc engine.

If anyone has any ideas of what else to check please let me no.


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put new fuel in it? sittin round 4 that long could b ur fuel pressure regulator. stillin around dry 4 ages then sudden burst of pressure could of split the diaphragm. also try some1 elses afm or spray contact cleaner on the hot wire.

maybe worth pullin the timing covers off and checkin that the mechanical timing is set correctly. like ya said it could b out a tooth..

also check out this site: http://forum.r31skylineclub.com/index.php

plenty of info there. ppl will love ya 4 the gts2 as well lol

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mine made 108 rwhp on the dyno, un-modded, 350K+ on the clock. these cars are 20 years old next month.

140kw shown in the book is at the flywheel, manual & brand new.

is yours manual or auto?

do you have the piggy back ECU that controls the cam, should be in the passenger side wheel well, where your ECU is.

a good condition GTS2 stock should pull 125-130ish rwhp on a dyno. my guess after 20 years

mine was a stock standard Auto GTS2 which turned out to not have the piggy back ECU so i wasn't getting the full adv of the gts2 cam.

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