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Looking For A 240k In Sa


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JMHO, but better putting your efforts into finding rocking horse poo.

The people that pay big money for 240K's live in Dubai and you probably can't compete with them.

I know of one that recently got sold to connections from Dubai for over $14000.00.

Cheers, D

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Actually, arabs (240k obsessed Kuwatis in particular) prefer the 240K sedan. If they can't afford or find a sedan they'll buy a coupe instead, but they are then mocked by the sedan owners, who refer to the coupe as the cow. They say, "you have a cow," and then start sAfrican Americaning. Then everyone does burnouts.

In virtually every other country outside the middle east 240k coupes are more desirable than sedans.

Now that it is much harder to find 240ks in Australia, they generally sell for more money than before, and it's generally not worth shipping any less than three cars in one go overseas many people have given up buying and sending 240ks to Kuwait, or the Datsun graveyard as it's refered to. As a result, 240ks do still pop up for sale here and there.

This week alone:




so don't give up!

Also, converting an auto to manual is not a big hassle.

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well yeh im not particularly fussed, coupe or sedan.. i like the coupe better though..

will definatly keep my eye out, even if it means interstate shouldnt be too much hassle

oh and ive seen the grey one.. but im still doing my research on them etc...

what are they like for tarmac rally/circuit?

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