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Rb20 Turbo Upgrade. Easy Fixer.

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hey guys and girls .. selling my turbo that i had on my rb20.

This produced 196 rwkw on 14 psi with a STANDARD ecu...

It has an OP6 rear housing ( biggest of standard nissan housings)

Standard rb25 core ( requires new cor to be put in ... quoted 250 from Adelaide Turbo services)

Polished VG30 Front housing, machined out

Steel front wheel 2 trim sizes bigger.

as above .

it needs a new core fitted ( 250 from ats), as it makes a whiring noise .. doesnt affect performance atm , but its a noise..

bolt straight onto your rb20/25..

$ 250.. or 270 dleivered anywhere in aus.

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hey interested in the turbo you have for sale. In your ad you say that that the front wheel is steel how about the rear is it a steel wheel? Or is it just the ceramic wheel as per factory? Also what does it roughly start spooling and make full boost at? ATM I have r32 housings with t04 internals. It has good response but not a lot of top end.



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