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Supergt Calsonic Gtr, Evo Ix, Evo X, Autometer


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may not be the right car but here they are anyway

re, the supergt shirt, preference will be given to whoever buys 2 or more shirts..

posted for $20 each

brand new

img1387f.th.jpg img1386h.th.jpg img1388.th.jpg

worn once (over another shirt, I hate winter!)

img1389.th.jpg img1390m.th.jpg img1391m.th.jpg

brand new

img1393osa.th.jpg img1392t.th.jpg img1394b.th.jpg

worn once (over another shirt, I hate winter!)

img1395l.th.jpg img1396h.th.jpg img1397x.th.jpg

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