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Factory Body Sealant?

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Hi All,

I'm looking at purchasing an R34 in the very near future, one 34 that I've looked at, I noticed something which sort of stuck out to me, but I'm not sure if it is factory.

When looking in the boot (in the tyre well) of the 34, I noticed the sealant between the panels was rather liberally applied, not particularly tidied up and not painted to the same colour as the body.

My question, is this normal? or has this vehicle been in a suspected accident?

Attached is a photo I took with my phone, yes it's not the best but it gives you an idea.

Could the 34 owners give me an idea if this is normal or not?

Thanks in advanced for your replies :D


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it is factory.. my 34 is the same!

Some panels need glueing.. may not be able to gain access anyother way to it..hence y glue is used

My skyline is for sale if u are interested.. PM me!!

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