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Apexi Boost Gauge, Shift Light, Turbo Timer And More

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Gday all!

Time to sell all the random accessories laying around my garage.

Pickup is available from Carlingford NSW, how ever if u pay the extra for postage more then happy to safely package and post it!

Feel free to PM me for more pictures or info on any items.

Apexi Boost gauge EL II series.

Used but in perfect condition. Is a 60mm Electric gauge and looks amazing at night.

Costs $300 new

$150 NOTE the bottom picture is the actual gauge. The gauge has peak and recall. Top picture is to show EL backlight..



Mazda 3 Pop up screen and accessories

This pop up screen kit includes DVD player and tv tuner. First of all I will be willing to separate the accessories if anyone wants them.

The screen and DVD are in perfect condition and work fine, however the TV tuner is really fiddly and I found it hard to get decent reception in my area.

DVD player is Soundstream and very slimline and fits perfectly at the back of your glove box.

If someone buys the screen and acc. Im happy to donate my time and help for the install in their car.

All up spent around $ 950 on all the components. **NOTE SCREEN ONLY SUITS MAZDA 3**

$650 for the lot OR

$550 for the screen

$110 for the DVD player

$50 for the tuner





Gizmo Shift LIght.

I have two shift lights. One is a carbon fiber, the other is an anodized blue. Which ever one the buyer wants I'l take the other for my mazda!

Heres a link for the carbon fiber : DSII 'Touch' Shift Light by Gizzmo Electronics

And a link for the anodised blue: Dual Stage Shift Light

Both are in as new condition!

Prices on website are American but they sell in autobarn for $127




HKS turbo Timer

This is the old school HKS turbo timer. Works fine had it in my old R33.

$20 ONO


Buddy Club Turbo Timer

I bought this timer 2nd hand around 1 month ago. Buyer didn't tell me it takes a 4 digit code to get it to work.

Since I don't have the code its just an expensive clock/voltage gauge! If someone can find out the factory code or how to reset it then its a perfectly good turbo timer

So be warned about the code! heres a link to the product: Buddy Club Secu-Timer

$40 ONO


Tacho and Shift Light

Have a black face tacho and shift light. Bought from autobarn a year or so ago. Looks really sporty and is in fairly good condition

Paid $250 for it.

$100--can't find any pics of it lit up online. looks like these gauges exept its bigger and u can set shift light point.

Will wire up and take pics if serious buyer requests...


First In Best Dressed....

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