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Problem With My Turbo

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Hi i have a 95 gts t 1.5 skyline...

I don't know if this has nething to do with it, can't see how it would but since i put in power steering fluid (its was dangerously low...oops) when my turbo kicks in. It reves out to 5000rpm and then back down to 3000rpm... anless I allow its to stay at 5000rpm if that makes sense... This is giving me more power but I don't think its right??? Ne ideas

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clutch is slipping

does it smell ?

do the revs free climb just before 3 grand?

the most torque is during boost building up, near 3000rpm so if the clutch is shaggged

and its slips, its usually happens here and it free revs and then resumes to grip

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well new clutch

a typical heavy duty to suit GTST is probably around $1200 fitted ish ?

dont trash it around anymore

youll do damage to the flywheel if you keep slipping it

if you baby it around, it will last a bit longer

just dont load it up on boost

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