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advertiser 23 febuary "bomb squad to target road risks"

paullys 32

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has neboby read pg 15 of mundays advertiser?

police are saying that now theyre going to be patroling shopping center carparks and randomly defecting unroady worthy cars (imports ) advising drivers theres gunna be MORE defect stations but also stating there gunna get bombs of the road , they must have forgot to mention imports there.

also states in 2002 20,864 defect notices were issued 200 of wich were probably to commodore drivers and the rest would have been to import drivers.

its pretty much saying that there after us and now we should be afraid even when were shopping u never know next week they might even be targeting our very own driveways and i bet u all that after this blitz we'll all still see rusted out priemiers cruiseing down anzac and not even gettn looked at !

quote: more serious defects require a full mechanical inspection at the transport sa regency park facility (this type of defect might include brakes, rust , visible structual damage or suspension). yeah they dont mention that they defect people because they have turbo timers so thier turbo lasts longer or that they defect people with after market bovs even though trucks and busses have atmspheric ones. and in deans case in his run through regency they got him on structual damage that they passed when they complied it neway , plus it wasnt 'VISIBLE structual damage ' if the saopol want to promote that they take all the bombs of the road well y dont they start instead of nit picking on imported performance vehicles.

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I am trying to make my car legal.

Where should I mount my boost gauge?

Do the 411 know to look for hidden turbo timers under your dash when inspecting for defects?

Is it common to be defected for window tints only?

Does anybody want to buy a HKS SSQ BOV?

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**Full article if anyone is interested**

>>Link to Adevertiser Article<<

`Bomb squad' to target road risks



POLICE have sounded a warning to drivers of unroadworthy vehicles, saying they will increase random roadside car inspections in their bid to get bombs off the roads.

They could also be coming to a shopping centre car park near you this year as police strive for a higher strike rate.

With backing from motoring groups and the Road Safety Advisory Council, SA Police plan to increase roadside vehicle inspections and make them more visible to the motoring public in the hope drivers "self-inspect" their cars and remedy any defects.

South Australia has the oldest light vehicle fleet in the country – just over a million vehicles with an average age of 12 years.

In 2002, 20,864 defect notices were issued and Assistant Police Commissioner (Operations Support Services) Graeme Barton said a similar number of vehicles were defected last year.

The most common defects – and those most likely to contribute to a crash – are bald tyres, faulty brakes and lights, and exhaust smoke.

"We'll be looking to examine how we can increase random inspections and implementing them in some way," Assistant Commissioner Barton said yesterday. "We've always had the capability to do this, however it has to be worked in with other operational matters."

He said vehicle faults were only listed as the cause of about 3 per cent of crashes but were often contributors to crashes.

"If someone has an accident, when they report it, they're not likely to say their brakes were faulty," he said.

Assistant Commissioner Barton said major operations, such as Operation Safe Passage roadside stops on Sturt Highway, were another weapon in the battle to get those cars off the state's roads.

"We will be trying to increase this type of thing also," he said.

"We don't go into shopping centres at this stage as a taskforce, but it could be an option."

RAA technical services manager Mark Borlace said the motoring organisation was "in general" supportive of increasing random vehicle inspections and making such inspections more visible to the motoring public.

"The reality is that most people simply need prompting to address defects in their vehicles," he said.

"Lights and tyres are the major defects that occur where people don't notice, and they are things that do contribute to accidents."

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actual article shows pictures of "bombs" ... actual old cars etc .... about 21000 defects last year ... any guesses as to the percentages of that were actual 100% roadworthy cars and not bombs as stated in the article??

my guess would be a good 30% are perfectly good cars ....

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I wonder out of these 20,000+ defects where "safety Breaches" like brakes, tyres etc and how many where minor things like "Blow Off's", "Window Tint", "Cops being Cops" etc.

I wonder from these 20,000+ where reversed because the cops got it wrong?

The worst case of the defect station i have ever seen was in the city. Grenfell Street one Saturday night....They where only picking on imports, they littered the street abandoned there at the police request. I got past all this and noticed a rust bucket tarago van that had broken down on the street and the cops where helping push it off the road.

There is no way this Tarago did not have pass the defect station.

It is my assumption ( and a very good guess ) that the cops let it through cos it wasn’t an import. And what happened when it was pushed off the road? I have no idea, my guess the police would not have been interested in it, they may have even called the RAA for all i know. ( This paragraph is my assumption not based on any facts ).

I rekon basic mechanics should be tought when going for your licence. You just have to demonstrate you can handle the basic things you see on the road + general road rules. Maybe they should extend this to include such skills as checking rejo, changing tyres, check for wear on tyres, oil.....

After all if you become a pilot you have to know all about fuel mixtures, and how a engine operates etc....

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Cops never pull me over at defect stations, and Ive been through 2 (city and greenhill road) in the last week, both times in an old stock R33 GTS four door. They look, and look away. Now if I was to rice the hell out of it with a massive tail pipe, wheels of the wrong offset, stretch the tyres over the rims, lower it, a few drift stickers and crap like that? They would defect it every time. Hands up who has ever been defected here with a totally stock and roadworthy vehicle?

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That's true.

Here in Canberra we have had these 'radom carpark checks' for about 2 years now.

Basically, if you park in a public car park, then they'll have the right to check your tyres, lights, ride height, and they'll even look under the car with one of those mirors on a stick things.

I've watch them do it a heap of times, the only time they actually touch the car is to put a defect sticker on it, or a note to say your car has been inspected and everything is good.

A good 5-10 years ago Canberra got rid of the compolsorary yearly inspection when your rego was due, and from then on the number of unsafe cars going around has increased ten fold...


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