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Autosport Time Attack Round 2


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Autosport Time Attack Round 2 2011

The Mitsubishi GSR/EVO Club Present Round 2 of the 4 part South Australian Time Attack Series 2011, proudly supported by Autosport.

The event will be held at Mallala Motor Sport Park on Sunday 8th May 2011.

Autosport Time Attack Round 2 will be limited to ONLY 40 entries.

Competition will be based on timed hot laps with ample opportunities to attain a personal best.

The 2011 series will to deliver dynamic levels of competition with Modification Classes and DOT Tyre Restrictions!

Local Tuner Houses will again battle it out for workshop honours and the outright round win!

Introduction of Pro Class; CASH Prizes; and NOW a 4th Time Attack event squeezed in the calendar; there is a more for competitors and spectators!

Trophies for ALL Classes, privateers are welcome and catered for.

Competitiors must have a minimum L2S or L2SJ CAMS Licence and CAMS Car Club Membership to enter. Click here if you do not have these items.

All Tuner Houses and Businesses are welcome to compete in the Autosport South Australian Time Attack Series 2011. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

For all information on Autosport Time Attack Round 2 May 8th 2011 please view here.

Time Attack Sponsors


Steve Knight Racetech

Infinity Signs

Willall Racing

Adelaide Radial Tyre

S & J Automotive

Australian Motors Mitsubishi

Exhaust Technology

Autosport Time Attack Round 2 2011

pdf-med.gifAutosport Time Attack Round 2 2011 ENTRY FORM

pdf-med.gifAutosport Time Attack Round 2 2011 SUPP REGS

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S & J Automotive keep their field strong heading into Round 2 with the return of the Silver Fox Evo 9! Michael Willis is back into completion for S & J Automotive and chasing the CLUB/AWD glassware at the 8th May event. ‘The Fox’ is always amongst it at the pointy end of state hillclimbs, and in full street trim, this moderately powered street Evo will no doubt be on pace at Mallala. The GSR platform poses as the ideal weaponry for CLUB/AWD; with the basics of Ecutek, MRT Exhaust, Tein coilovers and RE55s, this sole S & J Automotive Evo will be the one to knock down the Round 1 Subaru pedestal!

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Keeping on the procession of dominant CLUB/AWD Evos, Infinity Signs director, Corey Armstrong will endeavor to steer his potent Evo 10 MR into the mix of outright contentions. Constant vehicle and driving development since his successful 2009 circuit and hillclimb debut, has recently positioned Corey in a favourable seed against his class counterparts.

The Infinity Signs Evo 10 MR now packs some serious mumbo jumbo, with the team at S & J Automotive determined make this one of the flagship EVO 10 MRs in Australia. Both Corey and his lead tuner, Sean Day, have worked incessantly to outsmart the ECU wizardry to get the monster 2.5 litre stroker and FP style turbo on E85 fuel to work in sync with its dual clutch transmission. With the tuning side well taken care of, a rumored 300kw or more is easily extracted on low boost, and all foot printed at the track with a set of wide Braid Racing wheels and Dunlop semi-slick tyres. Daily driven and drag raced by Infinity Signs business associate and Wife, Kerri-Anne Armstrong, this Evo 10 is truly prime Club Time Attack Spec for the family on the weekend, and an adrenaline burning adventure to Day-Care during the week!

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All Seasons Air Conditioning sure know a thing or two when it comes to tuning commercial and residential building environments, and like the automotive sense, vital for efficiency and effectiveness when and where it counts! Taking on the Tuner Series in Round 1, All Seasons Air Conditioning’s representing driver, Matt Longhurst, threw what is arguably the most mercilessly unmodified daily driven R33 GTR in Adelaide and placed it right into the Top 10 Shoot-Out and claimed runner up Club Class outright for the round.

We all know a GTR with a set of Volk TE37 SL wheels can make for a bold statement on the street, but for Time Attack, they are the only thing event organisers can near identify from presenting in true showroom specification – a true testament to Matt’s steering ability and considering the fleet of CLUB/AWD competitors knocking on the door of Open Class!

Matt enjoys the Club Class challenge, and like most, very reluctant modify to the extent of loosing daily street going practicality and only to gain tenths at the track; and with the results being laid down recently, why go chasing?! One thing we have observed, Matt is very competitive, and more purposely, we know he has been building a R34 GTR from chassis up for quite some time now. We believe Club to Pro Class will not be an understatement come 2012!

Capitalising on diversifying the points haul for Round 2 of the Tuner Series, naming right sponsor, Autosport, have enlisted Matt Longhurst in CLUB/AWD, and see the return of Drew Blackwell’s FD3S RX7 in OPEN/RWD. All we can advocate is that Autosport Time Attack Round 2 competition is looking fairly tasty!


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Infinity Signs sure know how to present a vehicle, and for Trent Levi’s Wildrx Motorsport built 2000 FD RX7, this example is no exception. The FD3S platform has always been sleek, but mix the full Origin kit and carbon accessories supplied by Savanna Motorsport, with the very well detailed signage by Infinity Signs, and you have some tantalizing eye candy to even turn the neck of any anti rotary fan!

Time Attack racing is not all about glamour ponies, and naturally, Wildrx Motorsport have been working with REVS to get some power ponies from the large extend port 13B. Combining tarmac rally and a touch of ‘all round club event’ focus into the build, some serious compliant power has been harnessed from the standard twin turbo set up on ELF E85, and with it some impressive results, claiming 2nd in Class at Legend of the Lakes Hillclimb 2010, 1st in Class at Mt. Alma Mile Hillclimb 2010 & 2011, and 2nd in Class at Autosport Time Attack Round 1 2011.

With already plenty of strong results on the board in restrictive tarmac trim, Wildrx Motorsport is now on the Time Attack racing train, and hungry to level with the developed OPEN/RWD class of vehicles at this weekend’s Autosport Time Attack Round 2. Thanks to a Sonic Performance (MTQ)GTX3582R single turbo and Tial wastegate set up, and new ignition, injectors and fuel system by Wildrx Motorsport, Trent Levi aspires find a bit more Time Attack top end!

The development on this FD RX7 chassis boasts a Simonbuilt custom full rollcage, and S2 performance enhanced Tein coilovers, trailing and caster arms along with racing beat sway bars. And to get the transformed power to the ground, Enkei PF01 18x10.5 racing wheels all round wrapped with Kuhmo V700 305x30R18 semi slick tyres.

An impressive transformation that should challenge both Trent Levi & Infinity Signs to the pointy end of OPEN Outright in the Tuner Series 2011.

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Proving that racing success does indeed filter down to road car technology Willall Racing debuted their new WR330 EVO X package at Mt Alma Mile Hillclimb with owner and driver Gavin Leathley scoring an astounding 6th overall in the shootout at his very first attempt with a 46 second flat time. WR330 uses all of the EVO X lessons learned by Willall during their domination of the Autosport All Wheel Drive Turbo Challenge Modified class campaign in 2010, and not only takes these across to WR330, but also incorporates some new technology that makes this combination far quicker than the original Willall development EVO X.

Speaking to CEO of Willall Racing Martin Donnon about the WR330 he had this to say – “EVO X with the SST twin clutch transmission has proven to be difficult and frustrating for tuners to get the best out of over the past couple of years, which is why Willall Racing tuned its engineering resources towards the current generation EVO market accepting the SST X versions as being the pinnacle of the current EVO technology, and something that would provide a real focus for our engineers to work with. We have addressed the basics with this package of getting the right chassis balance and brake performance to cope with the additional weight than the EVO X offers, and then have thrown in some innovative features particularly in making the Getrag Twin Clutch six speed transmission work in perfect synergy with the engine. Power is never a single focus with a Willall Racing package with reliability being the main focus, but having said that we believe that we have the right combination of turbocharger and staged multi-map tuning to bring this stock driveline stock engine daily driven capable EVO right to the gates of Pro Class Time Attack numbers. WR330 has excellent yield numbers on the dyno, and we are happy. So for Sunday? I would say ‘yes, I believe we should have the balance, and a driver than can use the tyre to its potential, let’s see what the afternoon brings’.

The Leathley WR330 heads a four car EVO X assault on Time Attack from Willall Racing with a mixture of GSR, MR and RS models making up the complete range of current generation Evolutions currently in Australia. And last words from Martin “They always said build it and they will come. Well we have built the pinnacle of track EVO Xs and there are plenty of them coming through our factory in response to this. It will be great to see a whole new group of drivers come up in the scene using our technology to put them right at the competitive end from the first turn of the key, and hopefully teach some of us, let’s say more mature drivers a thing or two!”

Find out more about the Willall Racing totally engineered track packages here – http://www.willallracing.com.au/

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Autosport Time Attack Round 2 - PROVISIONAL RESULTS

Autosport Time Attack Round 2 Overall Winner

1st Place Outright: STEVE KNIGHT RACETECH Steve Knight - EVO 6 01:11.610

PRO Trophy

1st Place: STEVE KNIGHT RACETECH Steve Knight - EVO 6 01:11.610

2nd Place: AUTOSPORT Brad Trenwith - FD3S RX7 01:12.614

3rd Place: INFINITY SIGNS Simon Podlewski - 180SX 01:12.902


1st Place: WILLALL RACING Gavin Leathley - EVO 10 WR330 01:16.366

2nd Place: WILLALL RACING Matthew Leathley - EVO 10 WR330 01:16.461

OPEN 2WD Trophy

1st Place: Ryan Probert - S14 SILVIA 01:17.979

2nd Place: Craig Rundle - CLIO V6 TROPHY 01:22.595


1st Place: WILLALL RACING Martin Donnon - MY09 STi 01:17.124

2nd Place: S & J AUTOMOTIVE Michael Willis - EVO 9 01:17.138

CLUB 2WD Trophy

1st Place: Tim O'Daly - 911 GT3 01:21.083

2nd Place: Amelia Eime - 911 GT3 01:21.438

Tuner Trophy

1st Place: STEVE KNIGHT RACETECH Steve Knight - EVO 6 01:11.610

2nd Place: AUTOSPORT Brad Trenwith - FD3S RX7 01:12.614

pdf-med.gifAutosport Time Attack Round 2 PROVISIONAL RESULTS - NOW AVAILABLE!

MGEC Committee

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