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Trying To Replace Weather Stripp?


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Trying to replace this trim peice ?

Is it a weather strip what the hell do i call it?

Any one know were i can get a set from?

How hard are they to replace there for a 32 gtr ?

runs along the outside top of the door against the glass

see picture (the thing my finger is on)


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These things are bloody expensive, replaced mine new from Nissan about 6 months ago. The part you are pointing to is also connected to the rubber piece above your finger. It is all mounted on a slim piece of metal which runs across the top of the frame and also runs down the side. To replace, you need to pulll out the rubber weather shield which sits just inside of this. This will then give access to the screws which hold the thin metal strip and rubber/plastic pieces in place.

I have my old ones here which are in good condition, but i am in Perth, where are you located.

If you are not in Perth, look at who is currently wrecking BNR32s near to you and buy one of theirs.

Part numbers are (not sure which is left or right)

NI-76870-04U00 (RRP about $450) S Mould roof

NI-76871-04U00 (RRP about $650) S mould roof don't ask me why one side is $200 more than the other, Nissan couldn't explain either.

I didn't pay this much as I can get stuff abit cheaper through Nissan

Good luck

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Not two grand, only one :yes: . You only need both pieces, of which I have supplied the part numbers. (One left and one right)

Just find someone wrecking a GTR and buy theirs if they are in good condition.

I will take a picture soon and post to show you what they look like.

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