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[Part Identify] Need Help Finding What It Is


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Hi Guys

So today i was working on my R33 S1 Auto RB25DET.

And i discovered that 3 wires had been eaten by the front passenger wheel.

I have only Recently purchased this Car about a week ago and its lived in my shed since, while i clean it up.

This had 3 Wires running to it (Blue,Yellow,Red) and runs under the passenger Guard.

It then Goes in to the engine bay and Lives under where the stock Airbox would be located (last owner put a HKS filter there)

Also Has SC-22 Skyline 3X1 printed on it (believe there is more written under the Wiring

Anyone Know what its called & its Purpose?


The Damage Found


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Thanks for the Help Guys.

I was thinking it looked something like a Speaker, and the Pictures prove it.

Atleast now it can Squeal if it wants to now, which my or may not be a Good things.

/Thread Close :D

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