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recon g/box experiences

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evening all

Got my car back today after having the 5speed(rb20det)reconditioned. I decided to have it done due to the box whining, syncros bodgy etc. After taking it for a drive ive noticed its not a whole lot better than before it was recond. After spending close to 1500 for the thing, including removal/fitting, im farkin dissapointed with the result :) Were my expectations too high? or should i kick up a stink. Id appreciate anyone else whos had experience with reco boxes to let me know how it went.


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I never had a nissan reco'ed but when I had my gearbox for my XW GT reco'ed it uhm it came back with crazy wirrinng noises that sounded awesome.

It really kicked it hard.

I think you should get a second opinion (ie another mechanic?) Also it'd be interesting to know what causes your problems? Are you still getting the whining, syncros bodgy etc?

Anyways - my opinion reco gearbox from a crap one should own. But then again that was with a ford gearbox. I don't know bout nissans.

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