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Does anyone know what brand these 19” rims are

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Does anyone know what brand these rims are? They are on my 97 gtr there is 2 stickers inside one of the rims I you can read but it’s in Japanese and the other you can’t read. They have made in Japan 1997 on the inside somewhere. I need to get some new centre caps for4976916C-5F46-4772-B8DA-0F26A6BB9F87.thumb.png.d571fdb3128fd6fbbba39ff7722efb64.pngA729C8C0-12B3-413E-844D-843FF99E0BA3.thumb.png.a1f7abb1cae07b3849c10fa3c429d4af.pngA2529228-BF72-451E-A0A0-1D8E799CA8EE.thumb.png.e9796cf47cd71d6d0fea1abf14da7fff.pngC19CEE3B-A779-4E5F-A312-E80D3300FD14.thumb.png.132ed4ad309df02de9d1736cccf61f3e.png


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