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mfd lcd - toshiba or sharp

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I have a few MFD screens on hand, have the oem part numbers (match what the car was built with) or new replacement models (plug compatible, may have longer life) for $300 per, money back if it does not solve your problem, postage included

specify which you want.

you can hunt on alibaba for less however it is pot luck and shipping from china is really really slow at the moment plus if it doesnt work, you are out of luck.

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    • I have an R34 GT that had a turbo added. It runs for a couple of mins then the engine just cuts out.  And requires pumping the throttle to start it back up. I unplugged the MAF and it runs without cutting out at all although the AFR is all over the place. I have replaced the MAF but am back to my original issue.
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