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Drive By Wire Conversion options

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Morning everyone.

Been lurking here a while but haven't posted much. My company specializes in PnP DBW conversion kits for Nissan R-Chassis and others. We developed our kit around my personal car and have continued to improve our products and offering for the most complete kits available.

We've developed this resource page for manifold fitment and the adapters we offer:



We've also created a new option for R-Chassis DBW pedal. Our own unit which is Billet, Adjustable and Modular.=:


  • Our pedal comes in roughly 200g lighter than a 350Z pedal
  • It has a modular base allowing different pedal options - 3 currently available (Street, Drift and Race)
  • It is 4 way adjustable (height, pitch, side/side and reach)
  • It uses a standard 350Z pedal sensor.


If anyone has any questions about DBW or wants to know more, feel free to reach out.

here is a link to our entire DBW collection: https://outsidergarage.com/collections/drive-by-wire/Drive-By-Wire-(DBW)


- Steve

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I run one of your R32 350Z Pedal/Bosch 82mm kits. I'm very happy with the kit and more so now with the revised pedal adapter plate. I'd definitely recommend it.

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