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Hi all,

A small group of us have setup a website for Motorsport and Performance car enthusiasts. The website is run by a bunch of Canberrans that were looking for a site that would cater for all different makes and models of cars (yep including imports). Some of us race competitively and others (like myself) are weekend hacks who dont mind the trip out to Wakefield to improve our times and for bragging rights. Events will be hosted starting January once the site starts to get a few more members. All local, interstate and international enthusiasts are welcome.

For those that know me I have been a member of sau for a little while and recently attended the Skylines Australia & RENEW day. Im also new member of the NSCC. The site is not really a car club as such but just a place for meets, forums, track days and sharing our knowledge. Its never expected to reach the heights of Skylines Australia but its setup for a different purpose.

So sign up and post away. BTW - Site is in early stages of development. We are looking for some Skyline owners interested in motorsport to sign up.

Cheers & Thanks

Glenn (Camma)


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Mate Its the only way to get the name out there. Note that this site is NOT a car club and is for posting motorsport events, news and advice. I more than welcome SAU (as well as any other car forums/clubs) to post its events on valvebounce.

Its a good way of seeking advice from people in the industry to race competively so you can make the correct decisions when modifying your car for either racing competitively or weekend hacks like myself :)

So far we have recieved some encouraging support from ACTDAT, RENEW, REACT, BMSC and a few other individuals from various racing categories. Unfortunately we dont have many imports including Skylines signing up which is a shame as many of you drive some nice cars and have experience out on the track.

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