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Tyre Profile Problem


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Now is this what is causing the tranfer of power to the front wheels when driving at 60k/h?

Just driving normally not acceleratiing hard.

Don't ask me why but i think this is definately the problem....

I have a 32 GTS4

235/45 front

and for some odd reson i put.....

225/45's on the rear....

Yes i am a dumb ass but i just want someone to reasure me that this is the problem, BTW i only drove it for 30min like this.....

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i would have thought it would be similar to a gtr where if you got all 4s driving + the attesa you would need either 235's on all 4 corners or 225's on all 4 corners either way they should be the same ??? am i wrong here guys

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The attessa works the same as the GTR,

so you need the SAME rolling circumference on all 4 tyres otherwise if the computer will think the rear tyres are spinning (revolving faster than fronts) and put power to the front wheels.

basic calc without the wheel size, easily shows that the Radius is definately different if you are running the same wheel size front/rear .

235 x 45 % = 105.75 mm tyre wall - front

225 x 45 % = 101.25 mm tyre wall - rear

Get some rears that are the same as the fronts as quick as possible as the front diff is not designed to be running continuosly, it can get extra hot, check the diff breather on the oil filter side of the engine and see if it has been spraying any oil out of it. If it has you should check the front diff oil level and top up...

If you cant get the same tyres straight away atleast put the bigger tyres on the rear, this is not a permanent solution but should help protect your front diff/transfer by reducing the number of times the cars goes into 4wd- the rears tyre revolving less than the fronts showing the computer the rears are not spinning although hard acceleration sensed by the g-force sensors will more than likely still put the car in 4wd mode.


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