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anyone handy with sound install?


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just lookin for someone who could possibly do two amp installs on my car. one for the sub and one for the speakers. will pay cash plus beers!!! I dont wanna go to a sound audio store as theyve screwed me around too much with crap installs and also they are real busy leadin up to xmas.

just in case anyone wants to flame me for not posting in the "noise" section, its cuz i wanted some1 in the perth area to do it.

In the beechboro/ morley area. will also reimburse for fuel as well.

Cheers guys

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im guessing you mean just running the wires and hooking it all up?

im not too bad with the ol' audio setup, ive done it in my r33 gts25t, and a few mates cars (they can tell you im a pedantic prick, i like my wiring hidden :cheers: )

edit: im just up the road in balcatta too...

edit edit: if you get this today/early tomorrow.. i may even be able to come do it tomorrow.. mobile number is 0439 391 902 :)

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