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It's gooooone!


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Well, it's all down to where me and the future missus want to live. It's a toss between here and the US.

If it's here I will get a stripped R32 gtst for trackday hooning.

If it's in the US, it's gonna ba a yank tank. Corvette or Viper.

I hope it's not there cause there ain't many race tracks which aren't oval. Though Laguna Seca would be something to have a go at.

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    • Then sell it and buy a BMW! I can totally relate to this (except the money part! ). I think for me I need to remind myself that I do enjoy the process and to stop being so damn impatient and eager to get it done. That just leads to frustration and broken stuff.  Built not bought. Wait.  Fixed, not fought? No ... Definitely fighting things. Definitely not fixed, I give up. Cars are pain.  
    • This week is the McLaren F1 GTR around Le Man.  I have a 3:48 ish I think (from memory) which is 2 secs off silver.  My issue is that I did a heap of the current daily race c around Le Man with the 787B first and switching to the McLaren is hard.
    • I've replaced a heap of vacuum lines, some visibly leaking. Made no difference.
    • So, after going through everything multiple times and even cleaning plugs with contact cleaner, I am making no inroads at all.  I found one post from a dude who had a little pinch in his gasket and so I'm convinced it has to be a loss of vacuum caused by this. So, I'll take it all off (it'll be much quicker this time) and inspect and reseat the gasket. Its a genuine BMW rubber gasket, hopefully theres no damage.  Also, as the valve cover is plastic they can crack. Mine inspected ok last time but I'll have an extra close look this time. Thank god I work from home. Can't believe the X5 has gone out in sympathy though. It needs a new front diff or diff rebuild.  🤞
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