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Big Problems HELP PLZ

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hello every1 basically for the last 2/3 weeks the car has bein running good then bad then good then bad, basically its auto series 2 r33 gst-t mods inculde single stage boost controller/pod filter/front mount intercooler and apexi safc. standard ecu/turbo ect ect basically the problem is either the car is holding gears too long or there is a boost spike, i had the car running 12psi and the car was just like staying at 3000 rpm and staying there for 2-4 seconds and then i would puch the acc down more and it would just all of a sudden jump to 5000rpm, then i would pop the hood and turn it clockwise 1 turn and then it would go well for a few days then same thing would happen/i have just turned it another 1 full trun down again and it stopped and then did it a lil bit then went ok?? (o yeah i just replaced the air flow meter and pod coz i thought that might be the problem but it must be something else any ideas???what is the problem???then when i have the overdrive on its just the worst it just sits on 2500rpm and takes foreva to get ova the 3000rpm mark!!!i then take the overdrive off and it works ok then 10mins later same problem (oil pressurse round 4 and a 1/4 and engine warm! am i just getting a boost spike? or what is it? should i just turn the boost of alll together? or what should i do?is it the gear box? thankz plz help if u have heard or eva had the same probs :ufo:

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ok, its abit hard to work out your problem but i will give it ok

1st. With Boost spike you can not tell it is happening unless u have an aftermarket boost gauge (there for u can see what ur boost is set at and see if it is jumping around)

With an auto skyline, im pretty sure if u just hit the gas the gearbox will kick back a gear and the revs will increase

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I cant understand why when people have a problem that they dont do the easiest check first

try the diagnostic if it tells you what your problem is great but even if it doesnt, it knocks out all the posibilities like sensor faults andif it is your auto gear box this should tell you


try this first before spending money for someone else to do it

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