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Rough Idle on R33 GTR


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Hi all , only had the GTR for about 2 weeks and when it's cold it idles roughly at about 1100rpm until it warms up. There was a posting on checking the UCE which

i printed and then tried to run through but it looks like it does not cover my model.

Strangely my ECU says "Nissan genuine remanufactured electronic control unit"

Anyone got some ideas on what to look for, i thought maybe it is sucking air at the intake manifold .


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your computer has been refurbished ie. warranty repair or it has been chipped by nismo japan pty ltd

all skylines when you start them take about 20 to 40 seconds to get pumps etc flowing at their optimum levels it will also sound louder as your radiator fan/s spins faster aswell.

with Gtr's it might take longer but im sure other people will post here to give thier thoughts.

When you say until it warms up, how long would you say that time frame is?

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