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Jamboree 2005


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    • I'd buy the Midori one that's for sale in the for sale section 🤣
    • spark plugs are just NGK LFR5AIX-11 for the iridium, or PLFR5A-11 for the platinum.  you should be able to get these just about anywhere.
    • I swapped my ball joints about 4 years ago, I bought the SPD ball joints from conceptZ, they are still working, but the boots fell apart after a few months.  I notice they don't sell these anymore, maybe that is why.  I ended up buying the replacement poly boots, which haven't split, but they open a gap when the suspension compresses, so I don't recommend them either. No idea about the Mevotech ball joints..  I would be surprised if you can't find these ball joints locally too, just search for 350Z rather than V35 That said, if you are going to the effort of pressing the ball joints out/in the steering knuckle (which is a pain of a job), the why not just also go with new bushes in your current LCAs?  you can get the superpro poly bushes locally. Shock Absorber Lower Bush Kit (fulcrumsuspensions.com.au) Control Arm Lower-Inner Bush Kit (fulcrumsuspensions.com.au)  
    • Good to know. In that case I’ll look for aftermarket variants for this. Thanks 
    • Dang! Thats quick. My daughter got her P's two days ago. Can't pry her out of the car. I'm going to take her to my next track day, who knows she might get interested in GT7 also (But I doubt it).
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