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Hi guys, along similiar lines to this post I have an issue with a Fuel Guage in my R33 GTS-T that reads ZERO (or less than).

I have just changed my fuel pump and didn't touch the sender at all, but I must of damaged the pressure hose on re-installation and it eventually leaked like a sieve above the white fuel tank plug. This took quite a few kays to start leaking, so therefore a lot of fuel was around the electrical wiring when I got back to the top of the tank.

Anyway, I fixed the hose real easy (by cutting the damage of the end) but now the guage reads empty. The only thing that I can think of is that the residual fuel which accumulated in the depression where the wiring plugs connect may have caused a short.

As I am led to believe there isn't a fuse attached to the fuel sender and the guage is there anyway to rectify this? What have I blown considering the guage is stuck completely with either half or a full tank of fuel?

Any help would be very appreciative.



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