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What is a reasonable price 4 a r32 non-turbo?

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In negotiations 2 buy a new car! Lookin like bein a r32 skyline non-turbo that has a fair few mods an low k's 4 its time. Interior is in awsome condition an it has rims an a sports exhaust. I believe it also has a front strut brace aswell as a decent stereo! Wat price range do ya think?

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For what u are describing it sounds like the car could be wort anywhere from $7000 to $14000.

$7000 would mean that the stereo would be pretty standard (cd player and cheapo speakers) and have a crappy paint job.

$14000 would mean immaculate with MP3 player with amp, great speakers, nice rims, etc...

Good luck mate!

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nah its a good system. 12inch sub pioneer 6 by 9's an amp. the head unit is one of those ones wit the video shit on it. He got race wheel an knob aswell as neons an shit. Paint is fine an stuff. I dont really rate the rims but im thinkin at that price cant really go wrong. He wants more 4 it but sort of knowing him i reckon i could get it at $9,500. He is selling as he wants a turbo, most likly a r32 gtr or wrx!

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