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*** 2nd POWERFEST APRIL 9TH Adelaide International Raceway


Drift cars / Drag cars / Burnout cars / Motorcycle stunts / Fireworks

Trade sites / Show and shine / Go kart & motorcycle burnouts /

Go to Whoa / Powerskids / Match Drag Racing & more


this powerfest will be set up to suit all entrants to participate

all 4's ,rotors,6's,v8's wanted to run or for show & shine

book in early contact details below




New Official supporter of the


is now included into the 2005/2006 Superstars series

within Australia. This is exclussive to only six shows throughout Australia per year with only one main event within each

state chosen by Meguiars. Official Shows are;

* Motorex (nsw)

* WA Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular (wa)

* Summernats (act)

* Victoria Hot Rod Show (vic)

* Queensland Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular (qld)

* Extreme Horsepower Supershow (sa)

This the largest cash prize award competition held that

supports the absolute best Elite Show Cars and Motorbikes

with over $80,000 in cash awards & trophies.

Superstars are looking for the best Street Machines, Hot Rods,

Hi Tech Imports & Motorbikes throughout Australia.

Extreme Horsepower Supershow has been chosen to showcase

the best vehicles possible each year on display for SA.

This means that the Meguiars Superstars & the Extreme

Horsepower Supershow is now supported by

* Meguiars Aust./ House of Kolor

* Australian Street Rod Federation

* Street Machine Services / Summernats

* Cabin / Auto Salon

+ the following magazines

* Street Machine * Unique Cars * Cruizin * Extreme * Auto Salon *

* Heavy Duty Magazine *

We at Extreme Horsepower are excited to be part of this

prestigious Superstars series and will increase the

show car & motorbike level in our Supershow greatly.

Spectators will now get to see the wildest cars in Aust !!

If you were booked in this year or thinking about it next year ,

we encourage you book in early for our next Supershow.

All other existing Supershow trophy awards will stay incl top 100.

This will now attract a huge selection of the best

show cars & bikes into Supershow from all over Aust.


We hope you will continue to support the ever improving

Extreme Horsepower Supershow. Oct 29 - 30. 2005.

Our next event will be our best one yet in Adelaide !!

* OUT NOW * fantastic 5 page features on Supershow 2004

in Street Machine & Extreme Magazine !!! SA's BEST SHOW !

** Trophies & prize money for the best " supershow cruizer " start building

those crazy cruize track cruizers now !! club projects & club cruizers .

Unregistered vehicles receive special permit so the wilder the better.


featuring next year - larger cruize track / fully indoor dyno comp

muscle men comp / aust best show cars / more hot rods & custom cars

new high performance trade sites / more motorbikes & trade exhibits

larger motorbike show / more 4's & rotories / new product seminars

more race cars / stereo sound off comp / airbrush demos / more promo girls

more hydraulic lowrider cars & bikes / more outside activities /

more speed equipment stands / tattoo demos & displays & more

~~ more sponsors & trade sites wanted ~~

Samantha Jackson - [email protected]

0413 495 284

msn:- [email protected]



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