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  1. Photo shoot up on speedhunters And next "project"
  2. I have been told that early 3 series BMW wheel wells are a good fit, mite be worth a look probably easier for u to find
  3. A few of us got together for a run and a few pics a couple weeks ago. Enjoy
  4. some speedhunters love
  5. I have not done a in ages too, I'm down 400hp and 3 wheels of drive so you be right MBS, Sutton Rd was last one I did(..... Best one lol)
  6. Payment sent, fitting fire extinguisher this week, ready for single spinner fun in the 240... No gutters pls lol
  7. Get out with the old skyline crew and have some fun too
  8. took about 5 years and still done but i want to start to enjoy so been driving it around for fun.
  9. with everything else coming along my SS trim was not gong to make the cut. Before After
  10. Yahoo Japan shopping
  11. over to me to start putting it back together test fit some rims in 4WD mode
  12. fresh of the trailer
  13. hmmm it appears most the build pics are on a dead HD but i will post up some of what i have. how it started found a retired guy to help me with the paint
  14. I think the owner is from SAUVIC(Al KIng) nice car, sweet new motor in it too.
  15. someone remind me how to apply for L2S? Mite come down and see which breaks first diff or gearbox.