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  1. Hey mate, was wondering if you still had the throttle bodies for sale.
  2. T1G3R

    Sweet, thank you thank you
  3. T1G3R

    Hey guys and gals, just wondering if the N1 style bonnets that you see every now and then on the R34 Masa Motorsports kits, are they a Skyline bonnet modified or is there someone producing these awesome things?
  4. T1G3R

    Hey guys, do we know what the ohms of the gauge are? e.g 0 ohms when empty- 90 ohms when full. Want to make a custom dash and replace all gauges but there are a few different options for what the gauges read as empty. Any advice?
  5. T1G3R

    r33 GTSt rotors and calipers with endless pads. Stopping on a dime now. Next up r34 smic and spray kit
  6. T1G3R

    Bought R33 brake calipers, an new K&N pod and heat shield, autometer carbon oil pressure and boost vacuum gauges, clean the AFM wire thingy ( yes i know, a very technical term) and fired a set of Pirellis after only 4k of driving. I love my new Stagea.........