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  1. im looking for a new stereo head unit to put in my v35 and i just keep getting confused by all the options. all i want is something that is compatiable with my sony xperia z1 android phone so i can play spotify through it and that will fit in nicely in the interior looks. probably a 2 din too. does anyone have any suggestions on a good head unit or any that i should stay as far away from as possible. cheers tom
  2. i was wondering if theres any way to change the lighting inside my 2003 skyline, im not really into the orange lighting everywhere e.g. stereo, speedo, clock etc. id like to go for a whitish blue colour, kind of like in tron legacy colour scheme haha cheers
  3. Has anyone seen a v35 with mud flaps on? I reckon with some wide wheels and lowered suspension it would look pretty nice and it would kind of help keep the car cleaner for a little longer. Or am I just being stupid and lazy?
  4. hey, im new to the forum, car scene and australia. im from the uk and im still trying to suss out the best places to go and where to find what i need. wheels. im looking at work, yokohama and volks, what should i stay away from. the only thing i cant understand if the offset, how it affects handling. headlights. someone told me i should get them from japan. i saw some at the car show in adelaide the other day that looked sick and he said to look on here as a few guys ordered them together. cheers sorry for mylack of knowledge, hope i havent frustrated too many of you thanks again tom (adelaide)
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