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  1. Here goes a long shot. Looking to buy Gizzmo launch interface and shift light. Tach recall or DSii-L shift light. Hit me up if you have one that you want to sell. cheers
  2. They are the two colours I've seen it in. Only.
  3. For sure. The gtr seats are the bomb. I am just stating the difference. I've had both in the car.
  4. Yeah we are. My car is stowed away and I've been trying to get a photo or some description of the exact names of the adjusting knobs. But any way, they are higher to allow for the adjustment.
  5. Its the seat. Not the rail. The seats come with height and tilt adjustment. It's roughly 80mm height
  6. Yeah they used to do it in confiscated cars. You get more than the D (efect) if you impersonate a cop though!
  7. A few too many times. Never seen any detail, water mark nothing.
  8. It's been a ten year mystery for me. I think it's time for......
  9. Heaps similar but not the same. The spacing from the radiator opening to the indicator is different. Plus there is no opening behind the number plate and not so noticeable the bottom lip drops down under the radiator. Not flat like the m spec
  10. Through the center of the grey bit in the front bar SKYLINE is embossed. I love it!
  11. Haha yeah, I hope this helps. Move it to where you have to.Cheers.
  12. Hi all. Been on the outside looking in for a long time and always through the sau community or my friends I could solve any problem. I've owned this car for ten years and know the person who brought it in to aus in late 90's. It's an early 93 series 1 gtst and not sure if the kit is factory. I cant find any results on the net. Got any ideas?
  13. Texas camel


    My r33 and rb 27 build
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