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  1. Hey guys, so im currently in the market looking for a car. Ive been offered a NA R32, with 220xxx. Seller said no leaks or issues with the car other than minor paint fade. However, the car has 220xxx kms and im looking to use it as a daily. Apparently it is the orginial rb25de and hasn't been engine swapped. (How do i know this for certain?) Is it a good idea to do this? Also if the car is defected, i've seen horror stories with people having to sell them off as track cars (Why is that?) Please help me decide. He wants 7k ono, but im not sure if its the best decision tbh. Cheers
  2. The safest jacking point is the pinch weld, just past the side skirt if i am not mistaken?
  3. The safest jacking point is the pinch weld if i am not mistaken?
  4. Hey guys so i'm wanting to sell my wheels. However i do not have enough money to buy stocks i know, i know only($200) but i cant afford rn. Is it safe to put my entire car on four jack stands for a couple of months while i wait for coilovers and wheels? Basically if i sell my wheels it will have to go on jack stands as i dont have wheels to go on the car.... Cheers
  5. Hey guys so yesterday i tried to do a power slide, and kick the back end out. however my back wheels lost traction and it felt like the front wheel saved me. I've been told i need to make a switch to cut off the "bosch" control, which makes the car rwd? If i turn just the VDC off will i be able to kick the back end out a little or do i need to cut/make a switch for the bosch cable? Cheers
  6. NA R34 help Hey guys. So im currently on my P's located in SA. I currently own a V35, and despite its good NA power an luxury inteiror, it is automatic. Im looking into getting a Manual r34. Is it worth changing over to a NA r34? I need honest opinions. I do enjoy my v35, but i would like a manual rwd car... Let me know your opinions.
  7. Tomei is out of the picture then I think i will go custom to save peoples ears and my money. cheers
  8. Exhaust help, defects? Hey guys, Does anyone have a Tomei Expreme Ti? Its a single exit which can be adjusted to fit the g35... How is defecting for exhausts, anyone had any issues? I believe this exhaust is obnoxiously loud, and could attract unwanted attention, i.e the police. I have read the regulations for the exhausts here in South Aus, but i couldn't determine if it is illegal. Its very, very loud and is easy to determine as an 'aftermarket exhaust' due to its appearance. I only drive my car 3 - 4 times a week. I cannot risk a defect as all my money is in the car Please let me know your honest thoughts, on if i should go with this or remain stock as i cannot risk a defect! - CHEERS
  9. How did you go about sourcing the HKS system? Can i speak to some aus companies and see if they can organise it all if the system is from america?
  10. Custom exhaust system. Any good? Hey guys, So i've heard that going custom could be a better option than buying an invidia, or x force exhaust system. I want a loud and aggressive system, and i'm struggling to decide whether to get a custom exhaust made or buy a cat back system. I don't want to be paying a ridiculous price for just a basic muffler delete, which i personally aren't a fan of . Any suggestions?
  11. Thank goodness! AHAH. I took it out yesteday for about 4 hours, and i was driving real smooth. At one junction i accelerated hard and it didn't feel good, and the front right side is making creeking noises when going over bumps and dips... Any suggestions? Ill need to take the wheel off soon and suss
  12. Hey guys so i can't remove the wheel until tomorrow as my friend has my trolley jack... I took a closer look, and did as much investigating as i could. The upper ball joints on either side are fine, and from what i can see so far the springs and shocks look to be fine. I cannot check the lower ball joints or tie rods until tomorrow.... However i did find something that has worried me. I have attached the image below. There is a gap between the ball join connecting to the control arm (i think) on both sides of the car. Is it supposed to be like this? Or am i stressing over nothing? Image below
  13. Hitting a curb at 60kmh Hey, so last night i was on my way home from work. Long story short, i stupidly caught my front right wheel against a small island and it jolted the car hard. I was travelling at around 55- 60 kmh. The front right rim is rashed pretty hard, as i currently have stretched tyres on. I came straight home about 2 min away from the island. I'm not sure if i was being paranoid but when i pulled into my driveway (Over a bump) i heard a bad noise from the front right side that i wouldn't normally hear. I inspected today as i haven't driven it. No tyres damage, just the rim as i had stretched tyres. The wheel is rashed bad, but i can't tell if any other damage as i haven't taken the wheel off. What do you guys recommend? I don't want to drive it and risk any further damage (Hoping it is not damaged). I'm Worried about driving it out to check if any damage. Bearing in mind i don't have crazy money. What do you guys recommend? Please help!!!!
  14. V35 Roof Spoiler Help Hey guys, wanting to know where i can find the V35 Roof Spoilers that look similar to the ones below. Need to be in Aus if possible, Needs to look similar to the AIT Racing or ionicdynamics shown below cheers! Want something clean, not too big
  15. V35 Roof Spoiler Help Hey guys, wanting to know where i can find the V35 Roof Spoilers that look similar to the ones below. Need to be in Aus if possible, Needs to look similar to the AIT Racing or ionicdynamics shown below cheers! Want something clean, not too big
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