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  1. i went through this same process just recently, unless you find one that's below $75k, i am not sure if it's actually cost effective. there was a decent 09 car that went in 2 days, had all the transmission fixes done, full bolts and tune which is about 650awhp, otherwise i am finding that the facelift model (MY11+) are about the same cost as getting an 09 with low KM but ends up same as an MY11 due to requiring all the fixes to be done. I ended up getting an MY12.
  2. are both of the cam gears adjustable? if they are will give you $40 for them + the exhaust manifold and postage to VIC 3023
  3. PM sent will take the HKS gauges if they aren't scratched up etc edit: inbox full, email sent
  4. Hi Selling my Bride Brix 1 with bride low rail drivers side HCR32, great condition western suburbs of Melbourne. Picked up or arrange you own courier happy to wrap it up or something. PM or txt 0403 6 0 3 292 after $650 thanks
  5. where can you get t shirts, hoodies and those type of useless stuff in tokyo?
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