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  1. Hey there pat, can you please outline how I am spreading the “coronas” by riding a motorcycle without stopping to interact with anybody?
  2. Once again brother, need to pay attention to details. As I posted the link 9 hours ago, and this was added several hours after I posted it, no, not yet. That is my local police station, and the guys that police Cootha, I have now emailed the Sen Sergeant for clarification.
  3. Sweet baby Jesus For the third time, and generally saying it twice is usually enough, even for my four year old son, in the link is an email from the Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services stating "Exercise is a permitted purpose, and as you use your motorbike rides as exercise, it is permitted under the Direction for no more than 2 people"
  4. I could see that being an absolute pain in the ass. The same would be for the poor buggers that are essential workers down in Gold Coast, living in NSW but working in QLD. Pain in the ass.
  5. Which bit there is looking for loopholes. In the link is an email from the Health Minister Steven Miles literally stating that going for a ride on a motorbike is a form of exercise and as long as you are not doing it in groups of more than two, is permitted...... Mt Cootha is 4km away from my place, and is basically inner Brisbane, so not exactly going out of anybody's way to go through there. I am not talking about a 300km round trip. I am talking two suburbs away. This is the issue with a South Australian and Victorian in here offering advice. No common sense or sense of context.
  6. what would they fine me for....? There is even a statement from the Minister for Health and Ambulance services stating that motorcycle riding is a form of exercise. https://motorbikewriter.com/pandemic-still-legal-ride/ But hey, I will do my research and what I am legally entitled to do, and you can continue to offer misinformed advice, and you do you.
  7. Going home from getting petrol? Just went to the bakery to get breakfast? It doesn't say I need to take a direct route home. People are allowed to go out and get hair cuts....
  8. Yeah, not sure what's happening in their heads. Had a few people at work say they have been pulled over and asked where they are going. Wherever the f**k I want. Quite a lot of things are still legal to do, and just going for a drive is not harming anybody. If anything, being pulled over has been the only risky thing so far. Going to take the motorbike bike for a slow spin up cootha, just to get the fluids in there moving and charge the battery. Will see how I go
  9. That looks pretty tidy in the original photos. Service history?
  10. No. Personal opinion, if you are going to price an auto 32 at 15k, give the car a decent detail. Without inspecting it, I don't want to say it's overpiced, but posting pics of it with it covered in dust, flat tyre, not vacuumed, just gives an impression of disrepair. Based on the images my expectation going into an inspection would be to buy the car for around 4-5k. And that's it if turns on and selects/holds gears.
  11. you mean, photographed and then cleaned?
  12. PWND

    Joining Sau Qld!

    See a few clean ones pop up every now and again. My issue is current parking space. Have kids these days, so the toy is an old 60 series LandCruiser that can fit them all. Might be a few more years until I return to a Nissan
  13. PWND

    Joining Sau Qld!

    I would be keen if somebody wants to sell me a r32 or 33 cheep cheep
  14. PWND

    BOV legalities??

    As long as everything is plugged back in, you should not get fined.
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