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  1. That looks tidy. That interior is giving me a semi. Full credit to whoever did your photos, because they make the car pop.
  2. PWND

    Might check out Marine Upholsterers for an unrelated seat refurbishment. Always good to hear a positive review
  3. PWND

    What Birds said. Having said that, you would need to find someone that's really having a bad day to ping you for that. Daily drove my skyline with aftermarket steering wheel for 7 odd years without an issue. Just make sure the rest of the vehicle is reasonably presentable
  4. PWND

    probably has less kms showing on the dash since then as well
  5. PWND

    Regularly see two Stageas parked in the Wacol industrial area on my way out to work. Anybody from here?
  6. Tanya with the solid first post. Can only go up from here. mini thread dig but it doesn't seem like much is happening here
  7. PWND

    need a price. can't have an ad up without a price.
  8. pics bruv pics get the chicks
  9. PWND

    106xxxkms hey? accident history?
  10. does not look like a nismo rim. looks like rota. center cap looks incorrect curve of spokes looks incorrect. got papers to prove they are nismos? ps, wrong area.
  11. front guards professionally rolled? they are fiberglass?
  12. PWND

    can't delete threads. can only request to have it closed.