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  1. Hahaha hell no hate that shit. Just a nice blue goes really well with the gunmental grey.
  2. Power FC, just saving up for the dyno tune now.
  3. Should I retard timing? Specs Rb20 Rb25 turbo running 12psi FMIC Turbo back. Walbro 255 car runs fine just don't know if there's something I should do to protect it a little more before getting a proper tune. Only thing it does different from stock is after I've given it a bit of juice, while on deceleration if I tap the throttle it'll BANG!! But that's it. Any feedback would be sweet. Cheers.
  4. Misfire on RB20 after painting rocker covers After painting my rocker covers, and reinstalling. I've started my car to end up with a misfire. Misfire happens immediately when I start the car, and is consistent throughout the whole revrange. Although I haven't taken it past 3k rpm yet so I don't know what happens past there. any known or common reasons why this might happen after basically replacing rocker cover? coils are right in between the 2 covers so wouldn't be surprised if I've messed something up there somehow. Thanks
  5. Hahaha probably, still mint though with perfect compression though so I'm happy.
  6. This is so cool to see, I own the car now after 8 years from this photo. She's still going strong.
  7. Hey so I think I'll be after this after next pay so let me know if it gets sold in the next couple weeks.
  8. WTB 32 GTR Wing Wanting to buy a 32 GTR Wing any colour but gunmental grey would be nice. It's for my 32 GTST. I'd also buy any wing that looks decent on the 32. I don't really like the stock gtst one. Can swap with cash your way. also if anyone is looking for the gtst spoiler I'll now have one for sale
  9. Hey Roy, I know it's a bit of an old post but do you still have this?
  10. Apparently it's because it's the black tee instead of the traditional blue one. People reckon there's a difference.
  11. Yeah did it and now boost doesn't stop rising almost took it to 20psi by accident. Also I feel no turbo but it's definitely spooling, like the engines getting none of the boost. Maybe a faulty tee. Who knowwwwwsss
  12. R32 GTST boost tee Installing R32 boost tee Hey so I'm trying to install my boost tee. All tutorials online show cars with the solenoid or external wastegate. The 32 GTST doesnt seem to come with a solenoid so that method doesn't work, now people say to connect tee to the line from turbo compressor to wastegate but there is no line from turbo compressor to wastegate. Only line is from wastegate to intercooler piping ( as seen in image ). Would this one be okay to use?