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  1. Hahaha probably, still mint though with perfect compression though so I'm happy.
  2. This is so cool to see, I own the car now after 8 years from this photo. She's still going strong.
  3. Hey so I think I'll be after this after next pay so let me know if it gets sold in the next couple weeks.
  4. Hey Roy, I know it's a bit of an old post but do you still have this?
  5. Apparently it's because it's the black tee instead of the traditional blue one. People reckon there's a difference.
  6. Yeah did it and now boost doesn't stop rising almost took it to 20psi by accident. Also I feel no turbo but it's definitely spooling, like the engines getting none of the boost. Maybe a faulty tee. Who knowwwwwsss
  7. R32 GTST boost tee Installing R32 boost tee Hey so I'm trying to install my boost tee. All tutorials online show cars with the solenoid or external wastegate. The 32 GTST doesnt seem to come with a solenoid so that method doesn't work, now people say to connect tee to the line from turbo compressor to wastegate but there is no line from turbo compressor to wastegate. Only line is from wastegate to intercooler piping ( as seen in image ). Would this one be okay to use?