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  1. Looking for rolling shell R32 Gts-T or GTS4 on behalf of a mate - must be able to be registered if not already current.
  2. Good question. From memory Aberax was looking after some part of the forum details as nother member running the SA chapter kind of disappeared. But that's as far as my knowledge guys.
  3. Hey Sloane - best bet is usually joining some of the other car clubs on Facebook or be selective and locate which ones to go on - i.e. SMASA, JAFS, etc. Once you get a few listed others groups will then post other cruises and it's really pick and choose. Given you no longer have FB you can try the SMASA/JAF websites and see if they post anything. But these days its all on FB.
  4. You got an interesting cop! 18" rims are fine, unless there is something weird about them? As GTR's came with 16" rims therefore can go 2" larger (this is due to Speedo reading etc.). Not sure with the other stuff.
  5. Have done it - simply what Krishy wrote. Upgrade the front brakes, details of engine number etc. and done. Was no emissions test when mine was done - this was back in 2012. Mind you there wasn't any aftermarket bolt-ons either or defectable items on the car when it went through. Since then everything on mine has been engineered, but it's not just an RB25 anymore so isn't relevant.
  6. Silver/Grey R33 Gtst up at Windy-Point (restaurant car-park) around 11:30pm last night. Few Subi's/other cars going up and down the road during the 20 minute period
  7. Spotted few GTR's cruising together - guessing the exclusive GTR group cruise?
  8. R33 Series 2 RB25 head, RB30de Bottom Gtx3076, 0.82 rear Steam-Pipe Manifold ID1000 injectors VCT enabled Vipec ECU with Haltech LCD screen United E85 367.3kW @ 18psi. Made 385kw on 20psi but used for continous track laps - final tune attached (how do you attach an image.... _)
  9. One I've personnaly used is M&C Doyle Crash Repairs in Edwardstown. They've done a few cars I know of (show cars) and also mine, mates, brothers.
  10. Agree with Race__24. Always ran BP98 on mine and minimum 95 if couldn't find 98.
  11. ....who told you that information? When on Unleaded was on 98 or if couldn't get 98 was on 95. Am now on E85 but that's a different story. Regarding economy - that all depends on your right foot and style of driving.
  12. Cheers mate, has gone through a transformation over the past year. Will be out again this week with a different group of mates. Great weather for it!
  13. Hey Snake - it was Saturday late afternoon/night. I was the white R32 Gtst (GTR front bar) at the front of the pack, with black R32 behind me...along with Mint Red Prelude, Golf GTi and Black hatch-back rex. Did see a hand out the window as we approached the round-about. You're car looked clean!
  14. Silver R34 4-Door at the Crafers roundabout, was with few other cars (black R32, White R32 etc.), looked clean!
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