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  1. 1992 R32 Skyline GTS-t, RB20DET, 5 speed manual, 5 months rego, 11 months pink, Genuine 68,000 kms on engine and gearbox, stock motor, chassis has 120,000kms, HKS2530 turbo, Buddy Club race spec coil overs, no air con, car used for super sprints and club events only. Not a daily driver. 10 years of development put into this car, needs some bodywork, paint is average, refer photos. GTR grill, fibreglass front guards, K&N pod filter, cold air box and feed, Turbosmart bleed valve, Z32 airflow meter, Greddy intercooler, custom oil catch can with oil return, GFB plumb back blow off valve, Silicone turbo intake, Exedy heavy duty clutch, new rear hubs, battery relocated in boot, full aftermarket suspension control arms front and rear upper and lower, rose jointed , front homemade splitter, road tyres are 40% worn, DBA front rotors, 900 deg front pads, 700 deg rear pads, braided brake lines, Greddy oil cooler, whiteline front and rear sway bars, front camber arms, cradle pineapples, GTR 440cc injectors, GTR dropping resistor, Bosch 040 in tank hi flow fuel pump, short shift kit, 225kw @ wheels @ 16psi, 300km speedo, suede steering wheel, Apexi monster tacho with shift light. EPROM tune by Dr Drift. Alloy radiator, twin thermo fans, full silicone lines and hoses.Split stainless 3" front/ dump pipe, hi flow cat, HKS 3" cat back exhaust and cannon muffler, So much time and money put into this car over $25k spent, Lots of extras available depending on price. Some extras include Dmax style carbon bonnet, 17" Buddy club P1 race wheels with Kumho V70A semi slicks 245's, Autotecnica race seat. Call for details, no joyrides tolerated. Only serious buyers pls. Best time around E.C. 1.49.35. Very regretful sale, hoping it finds a good home. Sale due to wife and buying a house. Still great on the road and is a sleeper, No mechanical issues, never been drifted or abused. $7500, offers considered, no swaps. Contact Andrew, 0404027957 [email protected]
  2. New PB at the last Supersprint round at E.C. on the weekend. Not so many Nissans in attendance but flew the flag anyway. Results: http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?12/11/2011.ARDC.S2 Time: 149.50 Car: R32 GTSt Engine: Stock RB20DET, HKS 2530, GTR Inj and a big thanks to Dr Drift for fantastic remote tuning from Mel. Power: Around 220kw Tyres: Kumho, V70A, 245/17 Suspension: Buddy club race spec coil overs. Brakes: Stock GTSt, Intima pads. Weight: 1263kgs. Drove it to and from the track with no issues.
  3. Very smooth, I like it... We need to get both our diffs out and get them sorted, I reckon we will get another 0.5 per lap with that alone. We won't be beaten.....
  4. Well done fellas, looks like it was a great day. Will try and come to the next one to give you all some competition. I'll try and bring my offsider also who will give the top of the tree a shake and give you someone to chase. Great to see so many Nissans being used to their full potential.
  5. How about a group buy on a custom trailer that we can all share hoping that our track days don't clash! Watch to gloves come off for that argument,..! Anything has to help us poor bastards on the povo!
  6. grippy

    2011 F1 Thread

    Refuelling needs to come back, I agree that is sucks watching F1 cars go around slow! It will bring a lot more strategy back into pit stops. What is with these crap tyres this year also? Getting only 10 laps out of an option tyre is a joke! Imagine if at our level of motorsport we bought new tyres and they lasted, say even 20laps, I would be severely pissed off and want a refund! Bring back Bridgestone or at least Kumho or Dunlop that can build a fast race tyre!! This is 2011 and they can't find a decent tyre supplier!! F1 cars are supposed to go fast and they even look slow when they are full of fuel. That's my spray out of the way.!! Go Webber, even though your chances are slim.!!
  7. Maybe look at some front aero and some geometry changes.. Carbon bonnet would be nice. Whatever is free.
  8. What mods can we do to go faster next round? The challenge is set. Suggestions welcome..
  9. Go the RB20!! Sounds like it has a very short xorst? Goes like shit off a sling shot..
  10. New time set yesterday. SAU Nickname: grippy Car Make and Model: R32 GTSt Circuit Name: Eastern Creek Lap time: 1.49.89 http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?22/05/2011.ARDC.S1 Modifications: HKS 2530, GTR injectors, re-map. Engine:RB20DET Power:215kw Suspension: Buddy Club Race spec Tyres:Kumho V70A Brakes: Stock Body weight: 1270
  11. The R32 ran well yesterday with a new PB 149.89. Good to see a few Nissans show up and run well. We are pretty much out numbered heavily by other makes of cars but we are still mixing it with the best. Good to see Nismoman PB with a 144.19 in the stock engined S13 and Wayne punch 1.51.53 in the very lightly modified S14 until the track slowed that put him into the 1.52's for the rest of the day. Zoran in his rocket ship 180sx was on track for faster times than 146.90 until he tragically flat spotted a tyre that ended his day. Even Peter in the stock as wet sock R33 was respectable with a 201.13 ripping into the cars around him. Hope to see more Nissans in the future as wee need to knock out some of these "hair dresser's" cars that people with dubious sexual preferences drive. Results of running wide at turn 1 are posted below. Victim was ok, Ford Fiesta not so ok. Support the cause for a tyre wall to be installed on the inside of Eastern Creek turn 1. Peace out..!
  12. Ran well, new PB so what more can you ask for? Only problem is that now I want to go faster... 151.10 is as good as it gets till next time...
  13. Anyone coming for round 4 on 22nd May? I need some competition close to my pace, all these hardcore plebs are way too quick for me..! Hope to see some stockers out there.. Looks like you and I are the only ones that read this hey Mark!! Our own personal web forum, how good is that!! Peace out..
  14. R32 GTSt, stock RB20DET. A few mods and go fast bits. Nothing special. Circuit name: Eastern Creek 151.1021 Timing by Natsoft. Kumho V70A
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