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  1. MXC could have been one of those stocks
  2. MIN looks like a solid co, probably wait for a pull back I'm trying to find the next company that will go from 1c to 1$
  3. I'll be recommending another stock soon (just building a position first
  4. Every stock I've posted has gone up significantly. I wouldn't recommend a stock if I hadn't done my research first. Cant say I'd recommend 88e though actually it looks like it's found support at ~1.7 might be good for a trade from here...
  5. Hope some of you kents listened
  6. Home construction
  7. any builders on here?
  8. Next stock I'm calling is SW1 IMO will be over $1 mid next year My last call was BIG at 20c it's now at $2 dyor
  9. Pays to have a locked garage with a couple of bollards
  10. Other day I was at Harvey Norman and saw a PlayStation and thought to myself I'd love one, then I thought I've never owned a game console in my life so why start now.
  11. Anyway Sandown track day this weekend
  12. Unfortunately company's that genuinely care for its people is a rarity these days. These days company's complain saying there's no more employee loyalty any more but the company's have done it to them selves - by treating employees like shit
  13. Moral is always look after your best interest and don't fall for the company bs
  14. These companys work you to to the bone, they talk about "we are family" and then dismiss people at their pleasure - seen it done so many times. I'm thinking about leaving the company and then sitting back and watching them go through hardship. Wait until they beg you to come back and then negotiate a contract pay of $2k per day
  15. Fkn ain't that the truth. I feel like I'm keeping people employed by showing them how and doing their work