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  1. Haven’t sold been busy today but only up 140% now
  2. Put your money into LCK much better - not advice lol
  3. Lol fark you guys still going on about 88E ?
  4. Hmm I got shafts diff and all. You in Melb?
  5. Sell yours and buy mine Good luck with the sale of yours also!
  6. Hey mate, nah not going to replace with anything. If I don’t get a good price I’ll just keep it. I am only looking at selling to help build a house.
  7. FOR SALE PRICE REDUCED! $94,000 now $89,990 or $69,990 (excluding Holinger sequential & NPC clutch) 1998 SERIES 3 R33 GTR Car has had no expense spared – full Nitto 26/30 build, Holinger sequential, immaculate inside and out. Made 520kw at 23PSI on E85, plenty more in it however that was more than enough for me (in fact I rarely drive the car; the car has been de-tuned to only 14psi which is still plenty for me). Car is immaculate and most parts new, have receipts for engine build, Holinger etc; dyno sheets and receipts will be provided. ENGINE: RB30 block Nitto JE piston Nitto I-beam Nitto crank collar Nitto head return ARP main Arp head Nitto head gasket ACL race bearing main ACL race bearing rod Grout fill block Greddy oil pump Tomei type B pon cams (260, 9.15IN & 9.15EX) HKS cam gears Supertech titanium head kit Street ported head Ati 1000hp balancer Nismo thermostat Setrab oil cooler set up GTR Pro Motorsport crank & cam trigger kit Spit fire coils (blue tops) Racepace oil catch can RIPS sump RIPS RB30 adaptor plate Aluminum radiator ECU: Autronic SM4 Haltech ignition Full flex fuel set up TURBOS: Twin GTX N1 Turbo exhaust manifolds Custom 3" Intake Pipes Ceramic & Powder Coating FUEL: Twin entry fuel rail Magnafuel fuel pressure reg Magnafuel 750 4303 pump Magnafuel filters Custom surge tank Walbro intank 2400cc Bosch injectors Fuel pressure gauge Flexi-fuel kit DRIVETRAIN: Holinger sequential with pressure sensitive gear lever and display NPC 1000hp Twin plate clutch Nismo short shift kit Nismo 2 way diff Gearbox transfer case modified Alcon front brakes TE37SL x 4 10.5 +15 Hankooks 285/35/18 EXHAUST & SUSPENSION: Full Racepace 4” exhaust TEIN suspension Adjustable control arms OTHER: Top quality alarm system Top quality sound system Brand new xenons New badges etc Sparco quick release with RPM when (can supply immaculate standard wheel also) Car has 12 months rego, ridiculous offers will not even get a reply.
  8. MXC could have been one of those stocks
  9. MIN looks like a solid co, probably wait for a pull back I'm trying to find the next company that will go from 1c to 1$
  10. I'll be recommending another stock soon (just building a position first
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