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  1. There are many 'versions' floating around and not everything is documented , especially with S1 S1.5 and S2 (M/A) Also pinouts vary depending on model / year ... it's hit and miss. But P56 is solely dedicated to the AT On R33 S2 there is a 2nd TPS-Switch, it connects 57 and 54, it's the same setup as on the Z32 (I got a Z32 ECU in my R33) I yet have to find an R33 wring diagram with the TPS switch present ...
  2. Yes, I agree ... 1L /1000 would be excessive .......... and quite expensive too depending on the oil you're using
  3. Hi .. Thanks for the replies By low mileage I mean 86,000km! I owned the car for 12 years and the Ks are genuine.The car is sadly rarely used, I bought it with 72,000km on the clock. It's one of the last made S2s and traffic here is so horrendous that it's mostly not worth driving in the city @ 5 - 40 km/h and zero boost. Yes, I was thinking maybe valve stem seals but it's hard to ascertain since it's not blowing any blue smoke. If it was I could just close the throttle at higher rpm and in gear to see if anyting is being sucked into the combustion chambers via stems / seals. I will have to take a look at the turbo's oil return feed too and also see if there's anything wrong in terms of play etc. As for oil usage, I've driven around 1,500km and according to the dip stick there was next to no oil 'missing'
  4. My car has developed a whiff of burned oil note from the exhaust. It's not not using any excessive oil or producing blue smoke, is there a way to isolate whether it's the turbo or the engine? No oil visible on the compressor inlet. (from the engine cover vent) Inlet manifold is clean as well. Spark plugs look clean, compression is good on all cylinders. Engine is almost standard with hybrid turbo and low mileage. Cheers ...
  5. To my knowledge Pin56 goes to the A/T ECU on S2 (30 +) 38/48 to the TPS
  6. Hello, What does the grey dot/marker on the R33 GTR wheels indicate? It's at a different location for each wheel. Does it indicate the lightest or heaviest point of the wheel? Cheers!
  7. I need to touch up my wheels where I slightly hit the curb. Nothing mayor just a few scratches. Is there a colour code for the GTR wheels, or has anyone found an off the shelf spray colour that matches? As per title: It's the silver R33 GTR OEM Wheels .. Cheers
  8. The GTR came with 245/45/17 from factory I think. Would 255 or 265 fit without any crazy ballooning? Also is the step from 245 to 255 noticeable? Cheers ....
  9. I checked, And you're correct. The fan blows inwards. When I checked initially there was a noticeable airflow to the 'out' direction. That was however deflected air from the condenser unit. Cheers! :)
  10. I'm quite sure the fan moved the air back to front ... I'll double check ....
  11. Would anyone know why the electric AUX fan (triggered by a temperature switch in the radiator) actually blows in the opposite direction of the clutch fan? Doesn't that work against the flow the clutch fan generates? I'm sure there is a reason for this .... Cheers
  12. OK, cheers for that ... if the shoe doesn't fit, it's not your shoe/seat ...
  13. As per title, do the GTT Seats fit (as in straight swap) ? Thanks!
  14. Good point you're making. I always thought too that the oil in there would pose less restriction when the shock was compressing slowly. BC says on their website that the compression/rebound is set simultaneously. I'll give them a call!
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