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  1. So to conclude this post ... the brake shoes I did order did not fit and I decided to re-ruse the old ones. One side was thinner than the other and quite glazed, so I suspect it had not been adjusted correctly. I gave both sides a treatment with sanding paper, and I suspect that these pads were the Nissan ones form when the car rolled down the assembly line. First 2 pictures are from the worn pad, 3rd is the other side which I cleaned up and slightly sanded.
  2. Haha .. thanks guys .. I left the handbrake on myself a couple of times while driving. Not for too long though. It's also good practise to slightly engage the hand brake from time to time while driving to clear the rust in the drum.
  3. You don't know until you know ... it's a 20 year old car and I rather have new ones at hand while replacing the rotors. Shoes might be cracked, brittle, worn, or just fine ...
  4. I'm installing new rear rotors and rather have new brake shoes while at it. Now at least on EBay brake shoes for the R33 GTST seem to be over priced. Now I came across this ad: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-PROTEX-Brake-Shoes-Rear-For-NISSAN-SKYLINE-C211-2D-Cpe-RWD/152320034436?fits=Model%3ASkyline|Plat_Gen%3AR33&hash=item2376fb4684:g:sCgAAOSwqjhcHkrT According to the compatibility list the r33 uses the same shoes as a Skyline Crossover which sounds hard to believe but would be great since much cheaper. Any input appreciated .. thanks!
  5. Thanks for that ... mine is about 470mmHG (idle/ 77C) which is 18.5inHG. I'm running (RB25DET) slightly higher idle/timing (850/20) because of my poncams and OS GIKEN clutch (light flywheel) and was wondering what the vacuum on other cars is. So I guess that's in the ballpark.
  6. Would anybody know what their manifold vacuum (mmHG) at idle is? Thanks
  7. Got him out ... the rubber seal was damaged so it wouldn't seal 100% anymore. It was still the OEM unit from 1997 in there ...
  8. Thank you, I think I just get a new one then .. I didn't know they had a small opening window. Is there a paper gasket at the housing or is it a fluid one?
  9. On my R33DET the radiator starts to get warm pretty early, it'd say possibly from 40C onwards, so not long after start. Is this normal or should the thermostat stay closed for longer (they do have an opening slope) Thanks
  10. OK, I got this myself: The hard line on the left is open ended and about 1.6 meters long. One end is connected via a t-check valve to the lower part of the canister. The other end ends near the middle of the door at the chassis rail
  11. Ok cheers. I recently changed my box and out mt-90 redline in it I believe now that this may be the incorrect oil. Pushing 490kw through stock box also ahhhhhh No worries ... 490KW .... that will do Good man!
  12. You mean Nissan oem oil? Hi there, Yes, the standard Nissan gearbox oil .. NISSAN MT-XZ GEAR OIL PASSENGER VEHICLES SAE 75W-80 KE91699932 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-NISSAN-MT-XZ-GEAR-OIL-PASSENGER-VEHICLES-KE91699932-1-LITRE/163151777634?epid=1315215982&hash=item25fc9a8f62:g:K-QAAOSwAldZ0lte
  13. Quick question, would standard 52mm gauges fit into the R33 cluster, or are the OEM gauges non standard size? By 'fit' I mean with some adjustments to the cluster.... Thanks
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