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  1. Hello, What does the grey dot/marker on the R33 GTR wheels indicate? It's at a different location for each wheel. Does it indicate the lightest or heaviest point of the wheel? Cheers!
  2. I need to touch up my wheels where I slightly hit the curb. Nothing mayor just a few scratches. Is there a colour code for the GTR wheels, or has anyone found an off the shelf spray colour that matches? As per title: It's the silver R33 GTR OEM Wheels .. Cheers
  3. The GTR came with 245/45/17 from factory I think. Would 255 or 265 fit without any crazy ballooning? Also is the step from 245 to 255 noticeable? Cheers ....
  4. I checked, And you're correct. The fan blows inwards. When I checked initially there was a noticeable airflow to the 'out' direction. That was however deflected air from the condenser unit. Cheers! :)
  5. I'm quite sure the fan moved the air back to front ... I'll double check ....
  6. Would anyone know why the electric AUX fan (triggered by a temperature switch in the radiator) actually blows in the opposite direction of the clutch fan? Doesn't that work against the flow the clutch fan generates? I'm sure there is a reason for this .... Cheers
  7. OK, cheers for that ... if the shoe doesn't fit, it's not your shoe/seat ...
  8. As per title, do the GTT Seats fit (as in straight swap) ? Thanks!
  9. Good point you're making. I always thought too that the oil in there would pose less restriction when the shock was compressing slowly. BC says on their website that the compression/rebound is set simultaneously. I'll give them a call!
  10. Thanks for the help. By sway I mean body roll/lean and vice versa. So the outer wheel dives too much while cornering. To my knowledge an anti sway/roll bar prevents just that by acting as a torsion 'spring' The amount of sway/roll I have is not massive but especially when cornering slowly the outer wheel dives too much for my liking. I'll have a look at the poly bushes and will give my drop links a second look. WL is not doing a 27mm anymore but now the 24mm they have is adjustable (mine isn't)
  11. Long story short: Car has 24mm front WL anti sway bar (also a rear one) 8/6kg BC coilovers (set at 22 click towards firm / below 22 too mushy, above too harsh) Tyres are 245/45/17 on GTR rims For my liking the front still has too much front sway. (rear is fine) A mate mentioned that the tension bar bushes are quite soft on these car, but would changing them to poly bushes help with sway? Any other suggestions what I could try? Cheers
  12. So to conclude this post ... the brake shoes I did order did not fit and I decided to re-ruse the old ones. One side was thinner than the other and quite glazed, so I suspect it had not been adjusted correctly. I gave both sides a treatment with sanding paper, and I suspect that these pads were the Nissan ones form when the car rolled down the assembly line. First 2 pictures are from the worn pad, 3rd is the other side which I cleaned up and slightly sanded.
  13. Haha .. thanks guys .. I left the handbrake on myself a couple of times while driving. Not for too long though. It's also good practise to slightly engage the hand brake from time to time while driving to clear the rust in the drum.
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