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  1. Torques

    gotcha .. wrong page ... thanks ...
  2. Torques

    By 'no engine ever' I suppose you're talking RB? Yes I do, lived 4 year in Tokyo. From the manual there are indeed markings on that stick...
  3. What is the correct max oil level on the dipstick when cold? I checked my manual but my dipstick doesn't have the two marks (yellow arrow) But judging from the illustration the oil level should be at the lower 30% of the marked area when cold? I always filled up to the upper mark but noticed that the engine is dumping oil via the PCV valve at this level. Thanks
  4. I forgot which fuel line goes to the filter.. Was it the feed from the pump or the return line? I think it was the feed line, but just saw a picture where it was the other way round. Thanks! Insert other media
  5. Cheers for that, I will use (for piece of mind) some sealant on the half moons. I'm using new gaskets so it should be fine otherwise. While at it I'm also getting rid of the OEM cover bolts/grommets.
  6. Would you recommend to use bonding sealant on the half moon rubber grommets? Background: I'm replacing the cover gaskets / half moons and found the half moons to be bonded in while the workshop manual does not mention any usage of sealant. I also found some sealant on the cam belt side. What's your recommendation? Thanks
  7. Yes, that's the best approach ... one run off, the other one constantly on.
  8. Mate the chart is from Nistune, and I replied to your statement about the OEM R34 GTT I also do run the Z32TT ECU on NT .. so I think there is some overlap to your setup ...
  9. You completely lost me here maaaate I merely stated what the OEM ECU does. 70C+, TP of 56, OFF @ 5400, and no fixed RPM for on No competition intended!
  10. On the R34GTT the solenoid is activated via engine 'Load' which is called TP in the Nissan world. It is not engaged via an RPM trigger. It is disengaged @ 5400rpm. There's also a minimum temperature of 70C for the solenoid to work Effectively 'd say VTC kicks in at around 3000 if you were to put the pedal to the metal.
  11. Yes, you're both right .. will try the source the stock one.
  12. I'm looking to replace this hose, it is attached to a small distributor (see pictures) I think it goes to the throttle body. I was thinking of a somewhat more 'nice' hose/less rigid and less prone to ageing .. but silicone hoses are possibly not up to the coolant pressure. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  13. OK, I didn't know that ... I only knew about their 'set on top' bulb which looks a bit funny That plenum costs serious money and I like my fuel rail ...
  14. Yes, all valid and true what you write. Without proper fluid dynamics simulation I suppose we'll never know for sure what's going on there. Possibly back in the day Nissan used trial and error designs to figure the best flow out. I'll possibly go for a different manifold at some point but I don't want to loose low to mid range which seems to be the case with the Greddy style intakes