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  1. Ahh .. OK .. it's a permanent sound, not dependent on gear selection. Sometimes it's almost gone (wishful thinking) Earlier I found brass shavings in the oil. (actually the oil was slightly laced with brass particles) I refilled with the OEM Oil which seemed to work fine. The 3rd->4th reluctance / crunch is annoying. Especially under higher revs. A gearbox refresh might be expensive and time consuming, that's why I thought of just biting the bullet and getting a brand new R34 unit. I think the 'conversion' to push is quite simple ... there are even markings in the cast for the R33 slave I heard.
  2. Hello, As per title. I'm driving an S2 GTST and the gearbox makes a slight whining noise in all gears - so possibly one of the shaft bearings(?) Shifting is actually ok, except for 3rd to 4th which doesn't like swift changes. I'm considering buying a brand new R34GTT gearbox and convert it from pull to push and sell of my old box. My question: Are the R34GTT boxes improved compared to the R33 ones?
  3. Ok, thanks ... I'll open a separate thread on my question.
  4. Yes, thanks ... I bought from both of them and always compare .. RHD is also 'helpful' with the customs declaration.
  5. I'm going to order from Japan anyhow so I've got access to the whole lot. https://www.nengun.com/drivetrain-clutch-kits/#m:1;c:76;g:1
  6. Yes, thanks! Couldn't agree more .. not all manufacturers give a torque rating though. I asked OSG about the rated torque and they wrote back that they don't give that figure (only power) How's the pedal feel on the NISMO Twin?
  7. Well, I'm at around 450ish hp at the crank. That's 335KW, so the clutch should ideally hold 550+ (410KW) My main grief with the STR is that that plates are worn just after 13,000km. I suppose that driving 70% of the mileage in traffic killed it .. Here's OSG's response If your vehicle's power is under the clutch max capacity, then it is often caused by driving too gently on the clutch. Our clutches were mostly designed for aggressive use in mind, and it is better to be used somewhat rough on occasions.
  8. Cheers ... I'll check the options you've mentioned. Do you mean the Nismo Coppermix? They rate it @ 309KW / 420HP .. but that seem to be @ the crank(?) ... and would leave me no headroom https://www.nismo.co.jp/products/catalogue_2021/html5.html#page=95
  9. Can someone clarify which of these clutches are rated for more power/torque? There is conflicting information on the WEB, OSG (JAP) states the TS2 can handle more power, but on other sites OSG states more power handling for the STR2 ... https://osgiken.co.jp/Clutch/feature.html I've got the STR2 in my R33 but it now needs a refresh, so thinking about alternatives. I'm also disappointed about how quickly the plates wore out. I'm driving mostly in traffic that requires a lot of clutch actions, OSG stated that the STR2 is more designed for 'hard' operation and might wear out quickly. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the feedback ... I definitely like no 'judder' .. but will give it a go since I always thought the clutch feel is a bit detached and mushy. I think that's the consumer setup to make it 'nice' for ordinary customers ...
  11. I have these in my R33GTST .... with the standard spring rates they sell. I'm not 100% happy with them, but for the $$ I guess they're ok. Main complaint would be that they're either too harsh or too mushy for my taste.
  12. Thanks ... will do .. Can you tell me what difference it will make? How's the clutch feel afterwards? I always thought the clutch feel is somewhat 'mushy' that's why I'm looking into the thing
  13. I had an OSG clutch installed some time ago, but never removed the 'clutch damper line' ... Does is make a big difference at all and what is the best way remove / bypass it? Cheers Attached from the manual (Figure 2)
  14. Yes, works with the mentioned P11 actuator .. drop in !
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