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  1. OK, I got this myself: The hard line on the left is open ended and about 1.6 meters long. One end is connected via a t-check valve to the lower part of the canister. The other end ends near the middle of the door at the chassis rail
  2. Torques

    Ok cheers. I recently changed my box and out mt-90 redline in it I believe now that this may be the incorrect oil. Pushing 490kw through stock box also ahhhhhh No worries ... 490KW .... that will do Good man!
  3. Torques

    You mean Nissan oem oil? Hi there, Yes, the standard Nissan gearbox oil .. NISSAN MT-XZ GEAR OIL PASSENGER VEHICLES SAE 75W-80 KE91699932
  4. Quick question, would standard 52mm gauges fit into the R33 cluster, or are the OEM gauges non standard size? By 'fit' I mean with some adjustments to the cluster.... Thanks
  5. Torques

    Higher voltages from the AF than 4.5 will not cause limp mode. If for example you max out the AFM you'll be in 4.999V territory without any limp Idle is around .9V, that's possibly the range the ECU is looking at for failure
  6. There's one hard line from the fuel tank attached to the top of the CC. But at the bottom, there's a rubber hose going straight down where it diverts via a t-connector (possibly a check valve) into a rubber hose and the hard line in question. Where does that hard line go to? According to the diagram there's only fresh air supply down there ...?
  7. Torques

    gotcha .. wrong page ... thanks ...
  8. Torques

    By 'no engine ever' I suppose you're talking RB? Yes I do, lived 4 year in Tokyo. From the manual there are indeed markings on that stick...
  9. What is the correct max oil level on the dipstick when cold? I checked my manual but my dipstick doesn't have the two marks (yellow arrow) But judging from the illustration the oil level should be at the lower 30% of the marked area when cold? I always filled up to the upper mark but noticed that the engine is dumping oil via the PCV valve at this level. Thanks
  10. I forgot which fuel line goes to the filter.. Was it the feed from the pump or the return line? I think it was the feed line, but just saw a picture where it was the other way round. Thanks! Insert other media
  11. Cheers for that, I will use (for piece of mind) some sealant on the half moons. I'm using new gaskets so it should be fine otherwise. While at it I'm also getting rid of the OEM cover bolts/grommets.
  12. Would you recommend to use bonding sealant on the half moon rubber grommets? Background: I'm replacing the cover gaskets / half moons and found the half moons to be bonded in while the workshop manual does not mention any usage of sealant. I also found some sealant on the cam belt side. What's your recommendation? Thanks
  13. Yes, that's the best approach ... one run off, the other one constantly on.
  14. Mate the chart is from Nistune, and I replied to your statement about the OEM R34 GTT I also do run the Z32TT ECU on NT .. so I think there is some overlap to your setup ...