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  1. f**ked any little fotball playing boys lately you old sick pedophile

  2. Well LADS its FRIDAY week , same time same place , see you there .
  3. Not what i seen on many cars , & not what Neo NA i have seen what`s the advanage of having that setup ??
  4. Lads & Lass`es JDM run on this coming SUNDAY Sunday, January 15, 2012 12:00pm until 4:00pm. JDMWA's first event for 2012 will be held on the 15th of January, JDMWA #5 Photoshoot Meet/Cruise. Meetup at 12pm meet for a 1.30pm cruise departure from Karrinyup Shopping Centre Upstairs Carpark. Reason being for the longer meet is that we have had a lot requests to make the meets longer for more photos and time for people to have a walk around/come down for a look afterwards iam heading to any BBQ in arear to have a feed so your call on what happens after, Cheers Chuckie. PS there is a few Stagea going so hope few may come along ,
  5. What inlet manifold is that David not a common Type we see ,
  6. LOL done a runner really , no hes waiting on trimmer as he has been away , Hope next week i will get them, Cheer`s Chuckie.
  7. http://www.derale.com/ http://shop.perma-cool.com/Transmission-Fluid-Engine-Oil-Thermostats_c10.htm inline perma-cool $50 when i got mine, i looked in Australia & most wanted $140 + postage. i like builtin ones , just shop about as you will find a good deal. Cheers Chuckie.
  8. Whys that I flushed mine out checked for leaks & spent few hours running a Cable tie in to straighten fins, But I guess your a RICH GUY & like named Goods well they work for me & thats sweet , Good luck in your quest to get a good Oil cooler setup . Cheers Chuckie.
  9. Hi, just did them myself no braided bs, just a good hose & some good fitting is all you need, Cheers Chuckie.
  10. FD coolers they are. Mazda use them for BOTH engine oil & Trans. you just undo fitting & replace them with what you want size wise. i run 2 on my Stagea 1 engine oil & 1 Trans. run a good size fitting so you get Flow to cooler. i did both coolers lines Sandwich plate & fitting for under $300,fitting cost most, Upload of photos is not working so sorry for not being able to add Photos of what i have done, i shall try again as they may help few out. Cheers Chuckie.
  11. Happy New year to all, will have a Meet soon ,it will be heading south, Big jim is sorting a run out, The JDM run is coming up to so hope few can turnup, Cheer`s Chuckie. Ps Dash Mats ready in week or 2,so them wanting please PM.
  12. great work, Jim shadow man lol, good night out with lads & Lasses, need to do it again Jim maybe few more may come, get a date set Jim & we will head your way & hit the road.
  13. Then why post stuff up , I don`t see why your posting meets only too play games with People not right way too set meets up so i guess you should not post in here as i shall ask for it too be REMOVE READ WHAT IS SAID IN 1st POST
  14. Hi iam running 34GTR shocks alround & have no worries , if you do use 33GTR shocks you will need to use your stock springs & hats, good luck Cheers Chuckie
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