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  1. John Murray

    Hi For an R30 (1983) I'm looking for the 21 pin electrical connectors under the dash to the right of the steering column. There are three white, one green and one black. I only need any one of those with the female pins and with about 50mm of wire. See photo. Let me know if you have. Thanks
  2. John Murray

    Hi All Saw the Aus R32 in the Nissan tent at Bathurst GT3 race. Talked to the marketing chap who bought it. He said it would be refurbished back to showroom condition and most likely used as the official Nissan logo for a few years at least. John
  3. John Murray

    Hi All Anyone going to Bathurst for the 12 hour next year? Camping is available up the top but is filling fast. I'm staying Friday and Saturday nights. John
  4. John Murray

    Hi All The Bathurst idea sounds great. Count me in. John #59
  5. John Murray

    Hey What's this calling a 1951 model and old fart. I'm a 1944 model. John
  6. John Murray

    Hi All My air conditioner compressor has failed. I haven't pulled it to bits yet but suspect the valve plate has cracked. Anyone got any ideas on replacement or repair options? Going to Bathurst for 6th, 7th and 8th February and will be in the pit area. Anyone else going? John
  7. John Murray

    Hi everyone, new member to this forum. I am rebuilding an R30 coupe that has an RB20DET motor and an R32 4WD gearbox, (only 2WD now). ECU is a Haltech E6X and I am after a wiring schematic to check against how I think it should be. I have all the downloads from the Haltech site. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks John
  8. John Murray

    Owner John Murray Reg GTR 059 VIN 6F4KBNR32A0016923 Colour Jet Silver Metallic Year 1992 Location Newcastle Dealer North Shore Nissan (Syd)
  9. John Murray

    Thanks Brad $165 right? John
  10. John Murray

    Hi et al Anyone going to Bathurst this weekend? I will be there, via the Putty road, in the camping ground with the R32 somewhere, Saturday night and Sunday only. John
  11. John Murray

    For the list John Murray GTR-059 Jet Silver Merewether
  12. John Murray

    Hi Brad I need an arial. Let me know your bank details and I will get you to post one to me. (Newcastle) John
  13. John Murray

    Hullo everyone Still got the R32 and the R30. Sold the Senator and bought a Isusu ute to tow the trailer. Had the 30 out a few times but have decided to rewire it as most of the circuitry is not needed now. Couple of things. The arial on the GTR is broken where the rod screws in and I am having trouble sourcing a new one. Apparently they are made by AutoFlex in Germany, not for any particular model or type. Model number is 7 691 2700110001 Universal top 12v. I can get one from UK for $200 but has anyone got a better idea? Next, I am thinking of a Haltech ECU for the 30. Been told a Platinum ProR32 or a Platinum Sport 2000 will be suitable after minor wiring mods. Any experience? Lastly, anyone running Flex-Fuel and can you get it easy? John
  14. John Murray

    I'll put it on I just sold the Senator through them so it seems to work OK. John
  15. John Murray

    Hi I've got too many cars at the moment so the 32 is for sale. The R30 project is practically finished, just waiting a windscreen and instrument wiring. Then some motor sport is beckoning. In everybody's interest who owns an ADM I think it is worth 60K so am firm on that. By the way is anyone going to Bathurst? Let me know, could meet up Saturday night for a beer or many. John