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  1. Thanks Marko Took it out there this week but no luck although they are going to ask in their other stores if anyone will look at it. Thanks John
  2. I need some help fellas. My radio cassette is kaput. I think the power supply is the problem. Can't find anyone in Newcastle that fixes things anymore. A bit reluctant to send it away as it might disappear but I might have to. Any suggestions? OH!! A bit less on the 75year old senility bit, we are fragile you know. John
  3. You know, I own a jet silver ADM R32, one of only nine produced. Perhaps it's a bit rare. .
  4. Thanks Steve. Accurate advice. Most places don't understand. Thanks john
  5. I have a Clarion Radio/Cassette in an Aus delivered GTR. It was fitted by Nissan Australia as OEM in 1992. Part Number PN9325I. I'm looking for a schematic for the radio as it has an internal problem. Tried Clarion in Aus and Japan. Drawing is of pin specs looking at the back of the radio. Any advise appreciated. Radio pin ins..pdf
  6. Hi Greg Still got the 32. Haven't tried at all really. Perhaps I'm not that ready to part with it. Enjoy working on the 1600. John
  7. Hi Antony Did you ever get the drawing of the bolt pattern? I'm trying to put a 6L80e GM gearbox onto an R30 engine. Autocad file would be fine. John
  8. Hi Greg Afraid it may disappoint. It has a couple of 6 cyl motors, two and three liter, several gearboxes, 911 brakes, Toyota steering, bits of R33 front end. Only used for sport so no trim etc. Good fun though. I'm jealous of your 1600. Was trying to buy one when the 30 came along as a wreck. John
  9. Hi Bob Good to hear from you. I think your right about facebook but at 75 years I'm not really into that. No hurry for a sale but would like it to be appreciated by someone. Not getting completely out, still got the r30 which goes far too fast for my reflexes. Cheers John
  10. Hi All I am going to sell #56 as it is not used anymore. Very good condition, just a few stone chips. 140k's. Every thing works, even the cassette deck. Thought you guys might like first go. I'm thinking $120k but if someone waved cash at me (as in $100 notes) I would consider a 10% discount. Regards John
  11. Hi For an R30 (1983) I'm looking for the 21 pin electrical connectors under the dash to the right of the steering column. There are three white, one green and one black. I only need any one of those with the female pins and with about 50mm of wire. See photo. Let me know if you have. Thanks
  12. Hi All Saw the Aus R32 in the Nissan tent at Bathurst GT3 race. Talked to the marketing chap who bought it. He said it would be refurbished back to showroom condition and most likely used as the official Nissan logo for a few years at least. John
  13. Hi All Anyone going to Bathurst for the 12 hour next year? Camping is available up the top but is filling fast. I'm staying Friday and Saturday nights. John
  14. Hi All The Bathurst idea sounds great. Count me in. John #59
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